State, Local, and Education organizations face various challenges including compliances, restrained budget, and siloed operations which make adoption of new technologies more difficult in comparison to other industries. Leveraging partnership with a trusted technology partner, government and education organizations can overcome the existing business challenges and serve citizens & students better while managing the costs.

AgreeYa has more than two decades of experience in helping SLED organizations achieve their business and IT transformation goals by leveraging Microsoft stack of technologies. We help them modernize their existing IT infrastructure, adopt a data-driven culture, improve collaboration & communication, and embrace the power of the cloud for anytime-anywhere data access. As a technology partner to 250+ local and state organizations, we have empowered organizations through our rich experience in the public sector, key technology partnerships, industry expertise, and flexible cloud-based solutions.

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AgreeYa’s BI Solution Enables Smart Management of Rivers and Creeks in San Antonio

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for SLED Organizations

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Modern Workplace

Enables organizations to improve communication & collaboration between the employees, and training staff even when working from remote locations.

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Intelligent Automation

Delivers a competitive edge to SLED organizations by offering them a seamless way to automate their repetitive, mundane, yet business-critical tasks.

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App Modernization

Accelerates time-to-market and deliver new experiences, leveraging high-performance application and database modernization tools, such as Azure DevOps and Azure API Management.

Icon for Cloud & Infrastructure
Cloud & Infrastructure

Helps organizations migrate their existing on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, empowering employees to work anytime, anywhere, ensuring the safety of citizens or students data from any security breaches.

Icon for BI & Data Analytics
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Empowers SLED organizations to become data-driven, and make critical decisions for the betterment of both employees and beneficiaries including students & citizens.

Icon for Collaboration & Communication
Collaboration & Communication

Allows employees in an organization to communicate and collaborate on a single platform. Employees can chat, call, share documents, perform discussions, and share feedback at a centralized place.

Transforming Government Services and Empowering Citizens

Benefits We Deliver to SLED Organizations

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Deliver Secure Services

Adoption of new technology enables SLED organizations to provide trusted services to the citizens and students with highest security and compliance standards.

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Become Resilient

New practices allow governments and academic institutions to streamline operations, remove inefficiencies from the existing system, and serve citizens and students better.

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Stay Compliant

SLED organizations must comply with international, federal, state, or local regulations. AgreeYa experts follow best industry practices and guidelines to ensure security and adherence to compliances.

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Green IT

Eliminate paperwork, reduce the need for real estate infrastructure, and overcome maintenance hassles of data centers by embracing leading-edge technology.

Icon for Maximize Technology Investments
Maximize Technology Investments

We help organizations to maximize their adoption of the solution by giving employees a self-service portal to get instant answers to all their queries related to new IT infrastructure.

Icon for Implement Citizen-first Approach
Implement Citizen-first Approach

We help SLED organizations create a direct government-to-citizen interface to increase transparency and connect seamlessly with the citizens and students.