AgreeYa’s BI Solution Enables Smart Management of Rivers and Creeks in San Antonio

Our customer is a government agency responsible for keeping creeks, rivers, estuaries, and bays of San Antonio safe, clean, and well maintained. It implements policies, projects, and actions to enhance community appreciation for and recreational use of the water bodies. As a data-driven organization, the agency uses insights for waterbody data as a guidance before undertaking or launching any major initiative. However, the agency’s existing data analysis process lacked standardization. Every department across the agency was reporting in silos and using their department-specific reporting systems. These disparate reporting systems posed a serious challenge for the management as they did not have a single source of truth to rely upon before making important conservation decisions.

AgreeYa partnered with the agency to build an automated technology-driven business intelligence platform to standardize the data reporting process and improve the quality of data-driven insights. We delivered a robust, user-friendly and scalable solution enabling the agency’s management to make critical decisions with greater confidence and preserve the waterbodies and the aquatic life better.

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