Increase Agility, Lower Costs and Mitigate Risks

Are your applications ready for AI, IoT, automation, blockchain, edge computing, and other disruptive technologies? Are they scalable, ready for any platform, optimized for cloud, and able to deliver high-quality and modern user experiences?

Modernizing your apps is essential to ensure digital transformation success. While legacy apps may continue to support business-critical functions within the enterprise application landscape, they incur huge maintenance and running costs, pose security risks, and hold back organizational growth.

AgreeYa’s expert advice, proven methods, and experience with agile, advanced DevOps, microservices, and APIs help IT leaders eliminate unnecessary operating costs by reducing capital spending and freeing staff for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives. We can enable organizations to optimize their application portfolio faster with our powerful suite of application modernization services.

Benefits of Application Modernization

Organizations prioritizing application modernization can enjoy various benefits and significant growth.

  • App_M_Improvement

    9.5X improvement in product quality
  • App_M_Reduction

    5X reduction in costs
  • App_M_Faster

    4X faster loading of features.
  • App_M_Growth

    Increased system elasticity to enable growth and business agility.
  • App_M_UserExperience

    Significant improvement in user experience which can translate to higher conversion rate.
Our Application Modernization Capabilities
  • Application Assessment & Modernization Roadmap
    We thoroughly investigate your legacy application’s code and infrastructure to provide an accurate understanding and detailed guidance on the improvements that can help you derive maximum business value.
  • Application Migration
    Depending on the application and business needs, AgreeYa can help organizations with various application migration approaches. Our proven migration methodologies ensure efficient migration while minimizing business disruption.
  • Application Re-engineering
    Our pool of talented engineers can help you restore, slightly modify code and re-design your long-running legacy enterprise applications for better performance.
  • Application Re-platforming
    We can breathe a new lease of life into your old, cumbersome yet business-critical applications by moving them to a newer, less expensive, and more efficient technology platform.
  • Application Re-coding
    We help businesses re-code their legacy applications using a modern language making it easier to find resources that are knowledgeable for maintenance and enhancements. We can also convert an existing monolithic application into a client/s using microservices.
  • Application Containerization
    Our experts can pack your apps or their parts into standardized packages that are isolated from each other at the OS level.
  • Application Remediation
    We help organizations modernize systems, enhance functionalities of applications, clean up the technical debt, remove security issues, and introduce automation and disruptive technologies.

Our Value


Intelligent tools and a vast portfolio of services to jumpstart your transformation journey.

Industry-proven migration practices for the workplace, messaging, SharePoint, and other applications to minimize the cost and risk of migration.

Efficient mining of business rules from the existing application’s code and documentation to discover code dependencies and ensure smooth substitution of the legacy application.

Thorough testing coverage and broad monitoring to guarantee that modernized applications run as expected and don’t disrupt business processes.

More than two decades of experience delivering enterprise-class modernization projects around the world.