Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation goes beyond mechanization; it is driven by data, human-centered design, and business objectives. It enables organizations to make better decisions, drive outcomes, enhance customer experiences, and foster loyalty. In addition, intelligent automation solutions enable the workforce to explore and innovate, empowering organizations to excel and stay competitive in a constantly evolving world.

At AgreeYa, we believe anything that can be automated should be automated. Our approach involves utilizing intelligent automation (IA) tools and technologies to augment human capabilities, create a digital workforce that drives process transformation, boosts productivity, and delivers better business outcomes.


Intelligent automation can lead to transformative business outcomes. Deploying intelligent automation allows organizations to facilitate lean and cost-efficient operations at higher speeds and with better accuracy than traditional approaches. Our suite of smart offerings ensures:

  • Cultural transformation
  • Business agility
  • Secure and risk-mitigated automation journey
  • Business led outcomes

AgreeYa’s intelligent automation offerings can help organizations succeed with their digital transformation efforts, implement functional automation at scale, and deploy digital workers to augment the human workforce. We help organizations with:

Implementing Pervasive Design
Adopt an integrated design approach that effectively tackles the intricacies of the technology stack within an end-to-end intelligent automation ecosystem.
Establish Data Governance
Ensure the correct use of information to avoid any unintentional bias or compliance gaps.
Guard against Future Disruptions
Adopt a holistic intelligent automation strategy rather than a piecemeal approach.
Overcome Skills Shortage and Scalability Issues
Design, architect, and develop intelligent automation solutions for reimagining processes.

By combining the power of industry tools with industry-proven lifecycle accelerators, AgreeYa can help you democratize intelligent automation technologies across business and operations teams. Organizations can drive true business innovation by using Low/No-code solutions, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), task capture, process discovery, and cognitive platforms across processes.

(Assess & Discover)
Automation Discovery Workshop using Process Mining Tool
Platform/Tool selection and high-level automation use cases
Create a high-level execution plan and business case
POC development
Execution roadmap - Strategy, Governance, RACI & Communication strategy
(Design & Automate)
Create detailed architecture and user friendly design
Business Process Automation
Intelligent automation solution design
Automation COE setup
Reusable assets and automation library
(Run & Optimize)
Robot monitoring and support
Robot maintenance and enhancement
Change management services
Continuous service improvements
Automation as a service
Our engagement with the industry-leading technology providers can help you develop new capabilities, unlock insights, and drive impactful business benefits.
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