Who we are
AgreeYa Solutions is a global systems integrator committed to delivering leading-edge, technology-enabled, and business-driven solutions to Fortune 100, medium and small organizations for the last 25 years. It is our deep technology expertise, collaborative approach, and agile methodology that has made us the preferred partner for many global enterprises. AgreeYa is a team of 2,500+ AgreeYans who are driven by the idea of building innovative and game-changing solutions that can help organizations meet their most ambitious technology goals. We are headquartered in Folsom CA, with offices across the globe.
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Vision & Values

To be recognized in the markets we serve as a leading global provider of technology and business solutions through innovation, commitment, and talent.

We, along with our people, are empowering organizations across the globe by delivering disruptive technology solutions through our suite of software, solutions, and services. As a company, we strongly believe in creating a positive impact through technology in organizations and the community at large. AgreeYa’s core values “I-CARE” are driven by our respect for our employees, our customers and our partners. We endeavor to practice these values in all our interactions. We take immense pride in a value system, which is built on the pillars of:

  • I

    Integrity is the foundation of our individual and collective success. It is a high standard, and to achieve it, we must continually test ourselves against our basic instincts, best choices and behavior.

  • C

    A pledge to AgreeYa and its purpose. We are committed to each other and the company’s overarching purpose to provide superior service to our customers. This promise is not passive, but rather honored and expressed through our actions. Our commitment mandates that we remain loyal to each other, other shared goals and efforts to achieve these goals.

  • A

    Active support or representation of our customers and each other. In order to successfully support, we must understand. Thus, we invest the time and effort into thoroughly understanding the needs of not only our customers, but also the groups and individuals within the AgreeYa organization.

  • R

    To show regard or consideration for others. Respect opens the door to establishing a relationship that can be nurtured and strengthened. To carefully consider the needs and feelings of another person takes an investment of time and effort.

  • E

    Superiority – to be the best, individually and as a team. To excel as a team, we first need to strive for excellence as individuals. AgreeYa’s achievements is the sum of our individual excellence coming together to achieve success as a team.

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People & Culture

AgreeYa promotes a culture of empowerment, equality and trust. We value honesty and transparency, and always welcome new ideas and opinions.

Our people are our greatest asset and we are proud to create an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and opportunity. Together, we are on a journey to create a better, more intelligent and cohesive organization and society, as a whole.

Our Commitment to the Society

We want to leave the world a better place for generations to come. At AgreeYa, we are committed to giving back to society when and where we can, through CSR activities that are driven and measured by how we positively impact people and society. As social responsibility is deeply rooted in AgreeYa’s company culture, we encourage every AgreeYan to invest in their local communities. We are proud to be associated with many social and local organizations that work tirelessly to contribute and give back to society.