Building Highly Scalable and Secure Ecosystems with Robust Mobility Solutions

In today’s dynamic business environment, the benefits of mobility are far too many to ignore. Companies who fail to capitalize on this innovation risk falling behind their competition.  Enterprise Mobility Solutions continue to see huge adoption because of the emergence of trends like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobile workforces, and app proliferation. Statistics reveal that 71% of businesses are moving towards business mobility to get a new competitive edge with digital transformation.

Complete Enterprise App Development and Modernization

Our Offerings

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Roadmap and Strategy

Helping define mobility roadmap and strategy to mobilize resources

  •  Mobility strategy, roadmap, and assessment
  •  Architecture assessment
  •  Mobile technology evaluation
Consulting and Planning

Offering consultation through assessment evaluation, and consulting, to accelerate the building of a mobile-ready infrastructure.

  •  Mobility advisory
  •  UX advisory
  •  Information architecture, taxonomy, and design
  •  Security and management

Development, deployment, and customization of high-performance and intuitive applications and/or refurbishing older applications.

  •  Android app development
  •  Windows app development
  •  iOS app development
  •  Hybrid/Native app development
  •  Device and OS upgrades
  •  Deployment guidelines
  •  Tools usage guidelines
  •  Reusability guidelines
  •  Handover to support checklists

Thorough device testing for compliance to optimize the workplace and enhance productivity through process improvement

  •  Functional testing
  •  Mobile performance testing
  •  Mobile automation testing
  •  A/B testing
  •  MVT testing
  •  Usability testing
  •  Security testing

We cover everything from migration to integration. We support various integrations to enable access to multiple solutions from a single platform for operational efficiency.

  •  Integration testing strategies
  •  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  •  IoT and connected devices
  •  Product and data migration
  •  Payment Gateways(online/offline)
  •  Legacy Systems
  •  Social Media
  •  CMS/Rich Media Servers

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Technology stack

Accelerate your

Digital Transformation Journey

Proven track record of full SMAC implementations

Industry-standard development processes/following framework guidelines (iOS/Android)

Focus on using reusable components and tools reducing cycle time and costs

Unleash the advantage of our homegrown quality management framework, SUMMIT

Use of Global Delivery Model and CMMI processes. Inclusive focus on UX/UI Strategy

Thoroughly agile and optimized project delivery cycles

Comprehensive attention to non-functional requirements of applications