Making the Perfect Match of Your Talent Needs with Top Talent

AgreeYa Solutions is a leader in providing full-service staffing solutions. We are committed to delivering top talent to our clients quickly and cost-effectively. With 25 years of experience, we offer workforce solutions across various industries including financial services, public sector, energy & utility, media & telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotech, hi-tech, manufacturing, and retail.

We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations with our local and global recruiting capabilities and trusted processes. Through our efficient and proven screening process, we deliver top talent to our clients quickly, further emphasizing our motto which is “building our future on your success.”

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Looking to Hire Remote Talent ASAP?

Hire remote talent through our Borderless Work Force Program. Work with an offsite and offshore team to save cost and maximize your resource budget. Want to know more about it?

Our Areas of Specialization

AgreeYa has a deep understanding of numerous industries and skill categories to provide
the most suitable staffing solutions to fit your workforce needs.


Contract Staffing

We bring you innovative staffing solutions that are both advanced and agile. We are equipped to meet the rapidly fluctuating talent needs of today’s corporate... Read more


Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Our contract-to-hire staffing services offers flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances, especially the IT sector... Read more

Borderless Workforce

Borderless Workforce

The workspace is experiencing a revolution as physical offices are being replaced by virtual workplaces... Read more

contract to hire

Permanent Staffing

We leverage our more than two decades of experience to help you quickly find the right candidates who have the skill and potential to match your direct hire requirements... Read more

msp staffing

Project Staffing

We provide full team placement and bulk staffing services. We will hire the complete team for you within the set time frame and cost... Read more

managed solutions

Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions

Today cost-effective staffing is a challenging task for organizations. Our centralized and reliable managed staffing solutions simplify this complex matrix... Read more

train and deploy

AgreeYa School of Innovation (ASOI) Program

AgreeYa School of Innovation (ASOI) is leveraged for ready to work resources. ASOI has an objective of training fresh candidates... Read more

Partnering with MSP Program

AgreeYa is a trusted partner to many global MSP organizations. We have experience supporting many MSP programs across industries and talent categories to deliver top-class staffing services.


Proud to be chosen amongst Workforce Logiq 2020 Proven Performers

Our supplier partners have had to navigate a global health and economic crisis on top of everyday pressures, which makes their naming to this year’s list even more impressive. These companies have stepped up and worked even harder to help our customers acquire talent and drive value. We’re thrilled to recognize and celebrate their success.
Karen Maarouf Vice president Supplier Relations | Workforce Logiq
We feel proud and honored to receive the prestigious Workforce Logiq 2020 Proven Performer Award. This recognition is a testament to our focus on delivering solid performance to our customers. Workforce Logiq has been a great partner, supporting us in fulfilling our motto which is building our future on client’s success.
Ajay Kaul Managing Partner | AgreeYa Solutions

Diversity Status

Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (WRMSDC)

Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

Our Value Proposition

  • Dedicated Account Management Team (SPOC)
  • Technical Panel for screening candidates
  • Nationwide coverage with local presence
  • 24x7 global recruiting and support desk
  • Automated recruitment processes
  • Tailor-made performance matrices
  • Specialized Sourcing & Recruiters
  • Employee Care Team
Talent Categories We Support
  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

  • engineering


  • Professional


  • human resource

    Human Resource

  • Finance & Accounting

    Finance & Accounting

  • sales

    Sales & Marketing

  • admin

    Administrative and Clerical

  • customer support

    Customer Support

  • Logistics


  • operations

    Operations & Facilities

  • digital

    Digital & Creative

  • Legal


  • Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

    Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

  • Quality Control

    Anti-Money laundering (AML)

  • Clinical Research

    Clinical Research

  • Drug Safety

    Drug Safety

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

    Regulatory Affairs & Compliance

  • Systems & Process Validation

    Systems & Process Validation

We Deliver Exceptional Talent

Our team screens and interviews all candidates to determine their skill levels, the relevance of their experience for a specific role, and cultural fit within our customer's organization.

Our Key Differentiators
  • Capability to support small to large complex programs

  • Flexible delivery and pricing models

  • Focus on People, Process and Delivery

  • Best practices and tools for rapid recruitment

  • Access to a large pool of pre-qualified talent, local and national

  • Robust candidate screening process with in-house technical and business experts

  • Quality process with CMMI and ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • Management commitment and engagement towards long term relationship

Industries We Serve

We help our clients across diverse industries to build productive and experienced teams in support of their urgent needs and long-term business goals.

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Consumer Goods
  • Energy and Utility
  • HealthCare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media, Entertainment & Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Travel & Hospitality

Staffing Services

For over 25 years, AgreeYa has operated as a trusted workforce solutions provider and strategic partner to our clients globally. We deliver a wide variety of customized Staffing Services with our specialized delivery methodologies and innovative access to talent. Whether you need Contract, Contract-to-hire, Direct Hire, Project Team, Managed or SoW solutions, we have you covered. With specialists in each industry and skill category working 24x7, our talent acquisition experts will make the best talent match your requirement.

Once candidates and teams have been selected for your organization, AgreeYa provides on-going value to you and our staff working for you by offering a unique Employee Care Program.As part of the program, each employee Care Specialist ensures our staff working for you has a single point of contact at AgreeYa to address all questions, concerns, and issues. This ensures overall satisfaction and keeps the staff motivated and perform better.

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

AgreeYa brings you innovative contract staffing solutions that are advanced and agile. We are equipped to meet the rapidly fluctuating talent needs of today’s corporate environment. Whether your requirement is for short-term projects, seasonal hiring, or workforce management programs, we provide it all. We take pride in providing highly qualified and experienced resources for contract staffing.

Our active bench and pool of pre-qualified candidates across geographies, allows us to address your urgent needs within 4-24 hours. Our complete recruiting process is automated from the requisition to on-boarding of staff for a contract position.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Companies want confidence in adding talented staff to their organization. The risk and cost of bad hires are the two major factors that make organizations turn to AgreeYa for contract-to-hire staffing. AgreeYa’s contract-to-hire staffing service offers reassurance and flexibility in recruitment to suit any special circumstances. With an extraordinary candidate database, cost-effective rates and fast response times, AgreeYa is capable of handling your immediate and long-term resource needs on any contract-to-hire scenario.

With our contract-to-hire solution, you get immediate productivity while assessing the long term fit of each candidate with no risk. To add value, we will assign a dedicated talent acquisition team that understands your special requirements. AgreeYa will take the guesswork out of your hiring!


Borderless Workforce

The workspace is experiencing a revolution as physical offices are being replaced by virtual workplaces due to the ongoing health crisis.

Our team at AgreeYa leverages modern processes, leading-edge technology, and remote solutions to solve all your staffing requirements and help you stay operational with no compromise on health and safety. Check out how we do this!

  • Get access to our remote workers’ pool for all critical and non-critical projects.
  • Secure virtual workspaces so our borderless workforce professionals can use their personal devices to access client applications and data.
  • Tools and processes to make it convenient for temporary and consulting professionals currently on assignment to perform their work remotely and securely.
  • AgreeYa has the knowledge and the resources to assist your teams in transitioning to borderless working arrangements.
  • Our experts easily arrange all interviews with you virtually through video conferencing and video interviews.

Permanent Staffing

When you need to and acquire full-time staff, you need a partner who will make an outstanding first impression on today’s candidates and has access to passive candidates. AgreeYa leverages its more than 2 decades of experience to help you find the right candidates who have the skill, potential, and attitude to match your direct hire requirements. Our “round the clock” talent acquisition team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. These include offering passive candidate attraction, pro-active sourcing, candidate engagement, pre-screening, interviewing, technical screening, background & reference checks, and salary & compensation advisement.

Our teams work closely with you to understand the organization and role expectations to ensure we are able to represent and position your organization effectively to the prospective candidates. With our proven process, we are able to offer competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.

Team Staffing

Project Staffing

AgreeYa provides full project team staffing services. We will hire a complete team for you within a set time frame and cost structure. The service includes a complete end to end project hiring from sourcing to on-boarding for different roles and experience levels. Our team gives clients an edge by applying proven hiring project methodologies that save time and cost. We will deploy a single point of contact (SPOC) to manage the complete recruiting and on-boarding process of the team.

AgreeYa can deploy a dedicated offsite or onsite team or a mix of both based on budget and needs of the project. Our extensive experience in providing staffing services allows us to excel in team hiring in all professional skill sets and some of the benefits derived from this model are -

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Expanded resource pool
  • Timely delivery of resources
  • Employee Care
  • Attrition management
  • Onsite support
  • Management oversight
  • Technical support and Mentorship
Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions

In current times, many customers are looking to optimize their budgets and looking for a partner with skin in the game. That is where AgreeYa qualifies and undertakes SoW based projects where we are responsible for the deliverables and are paid on achieving project milestones. We deliver these SoW based projects by using our CMMI and ISO certified delivery and quality framework thus ensuring timely and quality deliverables. We help our customers in saving cost by leveraging our O3 delivery model by building blended teams of Onsite, Offsite, and Offshore resources depending on project scope and customer’s preference.

Team Staffing

AgreeYa School of Innovation (ASOI) Program

AgreeYa School of Innovation (ASOI) is leveraged for ready to work resources. ASOI has an objective of training fresh candidates on customer-specific requirements such that they become ‘ready-to-start’ resource at a reduced cost. Further, this model can also be leveraged for hard to find or newer skill sets to bridge the demand and supply gap. Finally, this assures a seamless supply of local, affordable, and trained resources generating ‘Right Quality at Optimized Cost’. This model results in a long term saving of 15-20% for the tailored skills needs.

MSP Staffing

MSP Staffing

AgreeYa prides itself on being a thought leader in the MSP space. By associating with some of the top global MSP organizations in the staffing industry we have developed an exceptional MSP Business Model. We customize our process to deliver efficiency and quality to every program ensuring exceptional scorecard results!

MSP Program Overview

In today’s fast-paced and unpredictable business environment, organizations are utilizing contingent workforce strategies to allow for flexibility in their staffing needs. As the contingent workforce increases, so do the challenges and costs of managing them. This is where Agreeya, an expert MSP staffing partner, can help.

We have a very mature and proven MSP staffing services model that ensures high-quality and personalized staffing services to our MSP’s customers from large to Fortune 100 organizations.

We understand the key matrices for measuring the success of the staffing program and our processes and in-house tools are mapped to them. We run reviews of the under-mentioned metrics on a weekly and monthly basis, to remain compliant and meet the program expectations.

Some of the key metrics that we measure are:

  • Coverage

  • Speed

  • Quality

  • Delivery

  • Cost

  • Compliance

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AgreeYa Advantages AgreeYa Advantages
AgreeYa Advantages

AgreeYa Advantage

Our global presence, robust processes, and experience in this space help us deliver high-quality resources and staffing services with optimized operational cost and supreme efficiency.

AgreeYa has partnerships with multiple MSPs and provides a dedicated Account Management team to support each of our customer programs. We have our performance KPIs aligned to each program’s scorecard metrics to serve them better.

Global Footprint
Global Footprint

Global coverage with 24X7 availability.

Domain Leaders
Domain Leaders

We are MSP domain expert in staffing services.

Expert Team
Expert Team

We have an expert team of recruiters comprising of Account Managers, Delivery Team, Staffing Point of Contact, Technical Panel, etc.

Customized Service
Customized Service

Highly tailor-made service and strategies for each client.

Full- Service Company
Full - Service Company

We provide end to end staffing service to cater to the needs of different industries.

Certified Processes

We ensure high quality with our SEI CMMI and ISO compliant processes.

Our Key Differentiators
  • Over two decades of experience

  • Global coverage

  • Certified MBE and WBE

  • Dedicated account management team

  • Processes mapped to Scorecard Metrics

  • Strong database of proven Talent

  • Management oversight

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