Maximize Digital Adoption at Workplace and Enhance Customer Experience with Generative AI powered Chatbots!

No matter how big an organization is, it is practically impossible for businesses to stay connected to their employees and customers round-the-clock. That’s why most organizations have moved beyond traditional channels such as email, phone to a more real-time conversational messaging platform. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, these platforms are now solving some of the biggest problems associated with IT support and IT Service Management (ITSM). Discover smarter and more personalized engagement with Generative AI powered Chatbot!

Award-winning Generative AI-Powered Enterprise Chatbot 24x7 Support Service for in-place just-in-time help to internal and external users

AgreeYa’s Generative AI powered Chatbot enables organizations to respond to employee queries in real-time and automate helpdesk process for better outcomes. With the integration of AgreeYa Chatbot with ChatGPT 3.5, users can now get quick and accurate answers to their Microsoft 365 related queries. AgreeYa Chatbot has helped many organizations in improving adoption of new technologies, establishing governance, driving automation, and reducing operation costs. Increase Helpdesk efficiency and reduce support cost with AgreeYa’s intelligent and scalable Chatbot.

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AgreeYa’s Generative AI powered Enterprise Chatbot delivers an intelligent self-service helpdesk with anytime (24x7), anywhere (web/desktop/mobile) and instant support for organizational users on various platforms. Enable modern employee experience by providing self-serve automation and personalized conversations.
  • 20 - 40% Reduction in the IT Helpdesk requests
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    24X7 Support at the employees’ fingertips
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    3x Improvement in user experience and adoption
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    40% Improvement in support SLA
  • Anytime, anywhere, access to help and find information on any device
  • QuickDeploymenttime

    Quick Deployment time of 1 week (Depending on customization)

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Features of AgreeYa Chatbot

AgreeYa is committed to delivering transformational business value to organizations worldwide. Check out what makes our Enterprise Chatbot special:

  • Integration with ChatGPT (OpenAI API)
    Leverages leading-edge natural language processing techniques to enhance the Chatbot's ability to understand and respond to user queries.
  • Context Persistence for Responses
    Context Persistence for Responses
    Remembers and understands the context of a conversation, even after several sessions and pauses.
  • Pre-built and Customizable Themes
    Pre-built and Customizable Themes
    Leverages pre-built and customizable themes in ChatGPT 3.5 to empower organizations to reflect their brand identity and improve user engagement.
  • Azure Language Model to Host Q&A
    Azure Language Model to Host Q&A
    Leverages Azure Language Model instead of QnAMaker tool to deliver more flexibility in terms of customizing the response generation.
  • Multi-lingual Support
    Supports 15+ languages to provide information in a user’s preferred language.
  • Voice-Enabled
    We can build customized bot avatars who can be named and used for human-like conversation anytime. They can be styled to reflect organization’s brand.
  • Customized Avatars
    Build customized bot avatars with names and human-like conversation aligned with organizational culture and branding.
  • Scalable Platform
    Easy to update, add to the current knowledgebase and implement for other applications/systems to meet the rapidly evolving needs.
  • Multiple Channels
    Multiple Channels
    The bot can be deployed to multiple channels including Teams, SharePoint department sites, public facing sites, Mobile Apps, etc.
  • Intelligent Process Automation
    Enables organizations to automate their resource intensive customer support and helpdesk processes.
  • icon_chatbot_governance
    Supports Governance
    Helps organizations implement Governance structure to keep their environment safe and compliant.
  • icon_Chatbotupgrades
    Frequent updates to the Chatbot with additional features, knowledgebase, and patches.
  • icon_chatbot_professionservices
    Professional Services
    Professional services available to extend the Chatbot and also to customize for specific use case.

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