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Desktop banner image of Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2021
Desktop banner image of Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2021
Equal Opportunity,
and a Great Career

AgreeYa has built a tremendously strong, diverse, collaborative, and engaging culture. Together, our dedicated and passionate employees, are constantly striving for continuous success. The bottom line is,  AgreeYa is more than just a business; it is a family.

A Place Like No Other
Our Values

We take immense pride in our value system, which is built on the pillars of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect & Excellence (“I-CARE’’). These values have been our guiding light since our foundation and continue to be pivotal to our success. These are central to our culture and empower us to do our best, every single day. They inspire us, drive us, and motivate us to strive for better in everything we do.

Our Culture

AgreeYans (what we are popularly called), are an enthusiastic group of people who thrive on challenges and believe in making a difference. We are committed to building a culture of care. Our employees care for each other and this culture also transcends into the way we interact with clients. We follow the simple rule as a team i.e. Together, WE CAN.

Benefits We Offer

Being an AgreeYan is a rewarding experience. We keep our employees at the centre of everything that we do. To ensure they are recognized, rewarded, and taken care off well is our priority.

AgreeYa office activity
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Office Holi celebration

We are looking for curious minds

We believe that all of us need to be challenged continuously to bring the best out of us. We love challenges and find them exciting, interesting, and meaningful. If you think this way too…

Diversity & Inclusion

AgreeYa is a global organization acknowledged for its diversity-friendly values. Our philosophy of uniting experiences and perspectives of people from across the globe makes AgreeYa the preferred partner. Our fundamental goal is bringing synergies from a diverse group of creative and talented people in order to foster innovation and growth to businesses at large. Our organizational culture is rooted in driving careers and communities together. We deeply believe that an inclusive and diverse workforce allows for a more effective, successful and engaged organization.

Meet Our People

AgreeYa is the perfect place for creative minds to apply the skills and knowledge they possess to let their talents prosper in a positive, diverse, and collaborative working environment.  The culture is truly unlike any other and the opportunities are endless!

Krista Sheldon
Mitul Savani

At AgreeYa, I take pride in being part of a team that is dedicated to delivering successful client and internal projects. I am entrusted with impactful responsibilities that contribute to my personal and professional growth, and I am encouraged to bring in innovative ideas and direction to my department.

Mitul Savani

AgreeYa will welcome you to a team of the best and the brightest. We offer an environment where growth is supported and the employee’s contribution is recognized. The organization helps you develop your skills to help challenge the conventional and lead the way to a better tomorrow. 

Rakesh Bhagat

AgreeYa takes pride in its strong Value System, a culture of CARING, Empowerment, Equality, and Trust. Its “employee first” policy ensures employees are given priority for all their needs. AgreeYa believes in consistent investment in employee growth to ensure high employee satisfaction and productivity.

Sangita Srivastava
Sangita Srivastava

AgreeYa stands apart from other employers because they enable us to balance our work-life and family-life seamlessly. It has a people-centric environment.

Bibian De Los Santos
Robyn ReBell

AgreeYa provides me with the autonomy to build customer trust before, during, and after projects resulting in long-term customer partnerships. I also enjoy collaborating with senior management to create ideas that benefit both the customer and the company.

Robyn ReBell
Ready to be an AgreeYan?

Innovative work. A unique, diverse workplace environment. Unrivalled expertise. Continuous learning and development opportunities. Competitive employee benefits. Core values drive everything we do. These are just some of the reasons why we’re consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for, and why our people choose us to work at AgreeYa.

The short answer is that there really is no typical workday. From creating solutions to address society’s most complex problems to traveling the world to help lead the world’s top businesses into the New, each day brings new, exciting challenges for you as an AgreeYan.

Time and again, there are two major things that stand out when our people are asked this question: the innovative work they do each day that is truly transforming the way the world works and lives, and the people they work side by side with to make it all happen.

AgreeYa offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Salary ranges are specific to positions and can be discussed during the recruitment process with recruiters.

Yes, you can. Just ensure it matches your profile.

Working at AgreeYa
Resumes and interviews

We want to know about your latest accomplishments, your strengths, and how specific skills might be applied to a position at AgreeYa. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in previous jobs—not just your responsibilities. Do you have past projects to share? Include them as attachments or links to give us a better sense of your profile.

It is okay to have more than one page. However, be sure your summaries are succinct and relevant—and that your most important information figures prominently on the first page. We would suggest using a cover letter also.

Generally, we look for a strong desire to learn, high intelligence, a passion for technology, a willingness to work hard, rock-solid skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to excel. However, the specific traits that we will look for and the questions we ask will depend on the position you are applying for. All our questions are intended to help us understand your capabilities for the role and potential to grow.

Our recruiters review job applicants for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position.

But even if you are not contacted for the job you applied for, your information will go into our candidate database, which means you may be contacted for future opportunities at AgreeYa whenever there is an opening.

The first step in our interview process is the phone screening interview. From there, it really depends on the role you’re applying for. Your recruiter will share the interview steps and be able to guide you.

We want to provide you with the support you need. You can tell us about the disability during the phone screening interview and we will make adequate arrangements likewise.

Search and apply for a job on our Careers page under Job Openings. If not applying for a specific opportunity. You can also submit your resume on Career. Once you have shared your resume with us, it will be saved in our candidate database. Our team will reach out to you if there is an opportunity to match your profile.

Yes, you can. Just ensure it matches your profile.

Yes, we have openings for all kinds of jobs including full-time, part-time, contractual.

The application process for former AgreeYa employees is the same as for other candidates.

Yes, we do have an employee referral program. We will encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who work at AgreeYa so that they can submit your profile.

The application process