Optimize Your Technology Investments

Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in new technologies to transform and optimize their operations. New technology investments enable organizations to increase agility, accelerate growth, meet the evolving workplace and industry requirements, control IT costs and capacitate the workforce to do their best work. But digital transformation initiatives often fail due to high reliance on the existing IT teams. Business leaders need a helping hand to ensure that technology investments can deliver the benefits and ROI promised.

AgreeYa’s Managed IT Services helps organizations eliminate the bottlenecks that prevent them from achieving success with mission-critical and high-value technology initiatives. Our services allow organizations to continually evolve business operations and infrastructure, anticipate and improve business processes at speed to maximize profits, and transform into a high-performing business entity. With the help of our quality managed service specialists and round-the-clock support, you can sit back and relax while we cater to your IT needs and elevate your business.

Managed Services Offerings

As a global systems integrator, AgreeYa offers a complete ecosystem of Managed IT Services that span across a wide range of technologies and business needs. Our services comprise of:

Our Suite of Managed Services

Application Managed Services

AgreeYa’s Application Managed Services enables organizations to overcome technology and resource challenges. It allows organizations to improve their application performance and derive better ROI. We help businesses to manage and modernize their applications to match existing IT and business objectives. We provide a range of services including technical support, information management, systems integration, and enterprise resource planning to successfully transition an application to its desired state.

Microsoft Managed Services

AgreeYa’s Microsoft Managed Services delivers expert post-go-live support for your entire suite of Microsoft solutions. Our round-the-clock service desk and a dedicated team of support professionals can provide immediate support at any time, and even escalate service issues straight to Microsoft with our Direct CSP status. We take the complexity out of managing Microsoft workloads across a large organization. Our managed services help you harness the power of Microsoft technologies with less of a burden on the central IT.

Cloud Managed Services

Self-managing cloud infrastructure can prove costly, both in terms of expenses and human resources. AgreeYa’s Cloud Managed Services simplifies and streamlines the cloud migrations and operations while freeing up resources for business-critical initiatives. Our service helps organizations to migrate their workloads to the cloud, design, build, and maintain comprehensive cloud solutions to manage business processes effectively. Our experts can help manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments on a day-to-day basis to ensure better security and compliance, cost reduction, improvements in performance, and efficiency with freed-up resources.

Benefits of AgreeYa's Managed Services