Empowering Telecom Industry to Reimagine Operations for Growth

The telecommunications industry is revolutionizing disruptively. Organizations are transforming their existing business models and processes to suffice ever-increasing customer needs, demand for better services, personalization, and immediacy, and address changing market conditions.

AgreeYa has been empowering some of the leading telecom service providers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with its diverse technology portfolio, including Web 3.0, Blockchain, Crypto, 5G NR NSA/SA, LTE, Metaverse, Analytics, NEBS compliant platforms, Big data, AI/ML, IoT, and Cloud. Leveraging these new-age technology trends and our revenue-boosting solutions, telecom organizations can increase their profitability, meet market demands at speed, and deliver premium yet personalized customer experiences through deep product engineering expertise.

AgreeYa Approach

AgreeYa offers the highest standard of service and solutions to network builders and service providers globally. With 25 years of excellence in deploying technology-based solutions, AgreeYa has been helping global telecom organizations overcome operational complexities and achieve their most-ambitious digital transformation goals.

By combining our strategic design, development services, and years of industry expertise, we deliver carrier-grade solutions that fully meet the unique needs of telecommunication service providers. To accommodate the recent changes in the industry landscape, AgreeYa offers a host of reliable software, solutions, and services that address the most common and unique challenges faced by the telecom industries. Some of them are:

Industry-specific Offerings for Telecommunications

The constant growth of last mile bandwidth, high competition, and competitive pricing for the end customers calls for solutions that will help the telecom companies to increase profitability under these new conditions. To give a competitive edge to our customers who provide unified communications, wireless communication, virtual networking, VoIP, and other telecom services, we have built new-age capabilities and a host of reliable services.

Business Support System

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Campaign Management
  • Telecom Billing System (Prepaid and Post-paid)
  • Enterprise Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Operations Support System

  • Network Monitoring System
  • Network Enhancements & Dashboards
  • Network Integration and Development
  • Machine to Machine - IoT Platform Development
  • Designing Cell Network (5G)
  • Network Inventory Management (5G)
  • Device And Network Testing
  • Protocol Stack Testing & Development