Rising competitive pressure brought by the new hybrid working normal has Telecom, Media, and Entertainment (TME) organizations turning toward the transformation of their business processes and IT infrastructure. To meet the ever-increasing customer demands for better services, personalization, and immediacy, they have to adopt new technology solutions. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of their existing business processes and redefines the entire customer experience

As a trusted technology partner for TME organizations of various sizes, we understand the technology imperatives for this sector. We have been enabling TME organizations to improve their business processes and address the changing customer needs. Leveraging new-age Microsoft solutions, we enable them to develop high-performance communications platforms that strengthen customer engagement, empower employees, optimize operations, and delivers digital transformation success.

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for Telecom, Media, and Entertainment

Icon for Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

AgreeYa enables TME organizations to radically transform service delivery and back-office operations. Our offering combines the implementation of the best web portals such as SharePoint and Teams — with contextual customer insights and omnichannel engagement.

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Intelligent Automation

We help organizations to expedite their business processes such as customer service & technical support, human resources, finance & accounting, and credit collections, etc., by automating the redundant tasks.

Icon for App Development & Modernization
App Development & Modernization

AgreeYa offers scalable, resilient, and agile ADM services that rationalize and modernize legacy systems and create an application infrastructure for organizations to enable them to transform digitally and respond to changing business and customer needs.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud solutions by AgreeYa allow organizations to create a secure, dependable infrastructure that is scalable, gives them peace of mind, and helps them meet the needs of modern customers.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Our AI-driven Business Intelligence solutions enable businesses to serve their customers better by helping them in analyzing massive amounts of data on customer behavior, preferences, movements, and expectations.

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Collaboration & Teamworking

AgreeYa empowers TME organizations to seamlessly operate in remote and hybrid work environments by creating a secure anywhere/anytime productivity and collaboration environment for their employees, partners, and suppliers.

Benefits We Deliver to Telecom, Media, and Entertainment Organizations

Icon for Reimagine Customer Experience
Reimagine Customer Experience

Leveraging new-age solutions, services, and technological trends, organizations can enhance their customer experiences by offering them a personalized experience and immediate responses. They can respond to their customers anytime, connect with them whenever they need, and provide them with an experience that shows they matter.

Icon for improved communication
Improve Communication

Organizations can leverage Microsoft solutions to their full potential and utilize a plethora of available collaboration tools to improve employee collaboration while working in hybrid work culture. They can communicate with employees within the organization, as well as outside the organization without compromising the security.

Icon for Increased Productivity
Increase Productivity

Increased adoption of cloud-based infrastructure combined with the power of automation and collaboration solutions empower employees to perform their jobs much more efficiently and timely. Automation reduces monotonous tasks, allowing them to focus on time-critical and revenue-generating operations.

Icon for Accelerate Innovation
Accelerate Innovation

Adopting industry-leading solutions and Microsoft platforms empowers TME organizations to achieve more. Innovations allow them to maximize the efficiency of their current business processes, save costs, and stand up to the needs of modern businesses and customers.

Icon for Cost Containment
Cost Containment

Implementing new technology and solutions enables organizations to uncover areas that are working inefficiently and provide solutions to various business problems and inefficiencies. It helps organizations utilize their investments to the fullest, manage their expenses, and maximize ROI.

Icon for Data-driven

Leveraging data analytics solutions, organizations can store, process, and analyze vast amounts of customer data and get accurate insights which enable them to plan their business strategies better, serve customers, and help with strategic development.