Banking, Finance Services and Insurance (BFSI) companies need to digitize their legacy back-office financial processes and adopt modern IT infrastructure to reduce operational costs, mitigate risk and contribute to a better customer experience.

AgreeYa has been helping many financial institutions succeed with their digital transformation initiatives. We empower financial firms to innovate and adopt new Microsoft technologies and prepare for the digital future. With our process management and automation solutions, we improve the efficiency of the critical processes of banking and fintech organizations, enhance security features, provide early detection of risk to improve risk management, help organizations stay compliant with government norms, orchestrate the customer experience, and build loyalty in the financial service market.

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AgreeYa’s Comprehensive Managed Services Enables a Banking Giant to Optimize its IT Infrastructure

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for BFSI

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Modern Workplace

Enables banking and fintech industries to streamline their existing business processes and strategize a plan of action to improve customer experience.

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Intelligent Automation

Helps fintech companies to optimize and automate their critical business processes, reduce manual efforts and human errors and enhance productivity.

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Application Modernization

Allows financial service providers to modernize and upgrade their current legacy applications and platforms to address the ever-changing market demands and modern customer needs.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

Empowers Fintech companies and banks to re-imagine their IT infrastructure essentials including computing storage, network and data center strategies.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Enables financial service providers to become data-driven by helping them in the strategic implementation of tools and strategies to convert their data silos into analytical insights.

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Managed Services

AgreeYa managed services enable BFSI firms to operate their infrastructure more efficiently and securely, mitigating risks pre-emptively.

Transformational Power of Automation in Banking

Benefits We Deliver to BFSI Organizations

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Provide Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Empower teams with modern, customizable, high-productivity apps that allow agents to focus their time on helping customers across different channels anytime and anywhere via a unified interface.

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Enhanced Collaboration in a Hybrid Work Culture

Give your employees the freedom to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. Our out-of-the-box Microsoft products allow them to share files, edit documents, connect with team members and spread important news quickly and easily.

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Increase Productivity by Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

Enable employees to focus on critical time-bound tasks which require human intelligence by automating lengthy, tedious, and repetitive financial business operations.

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Ensure Financial Data Security

Improve risk management and satisfy compliance requirements by implementing a financial security plan that keeps the customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) and critical financial data confidential.

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Respond to Ever-Changing Customer Needs

Prepare your financial institution to react quickly to changing customers’ needs and expectations. Digitize your business operations to make them much more efficient and faster to deliver quality and value to your customers.