While Microsoft technologies are packed with impactful features and applications which can enhance productivity and efficiency of users, most organizations fail to leverage them.

AgreeYa provides tailored training services to enable end-users to adopt Microsoft technology workloads including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and Power Platform. Our services deliver a comprehensive training program and adoption strategy that enables employees to understand how to best use a technology, follow the end-to-end process and utilize the technology to solve issues pertinent to their role.

AgreeYa Advantage

Improve employee productivity & efficiency.

Keep employees motivated and improve overall employee experience.

Reduce the risk of project failure and underutilization of new technologies.

Slash helpdesk support tickets and deliver instant support.

Get employees up to speed with new features and technologies.

Customized services based on the specific technology implementation.

AY-Advantage Application Services

AgreeYa's Chatbot Application Accelerates Microsoft 365 Adoption for Global Technology Leader

Our Approach


We deliver training programs and adoption strategies based on user's technology exposure, job role, and the specific technology implemented.

Engagement Models

One size doesn’t fit all, that is why we provide a full range of options to cover your needs. We can deliver On-demand, Online, and On-site training.

Expert Instruction

Support materials are based on our vast understanding of a user journey.

Rapid Support

We recommend AgreeYa Chatbot to our customers to increase new technology adoption and reduce the IT burden. It delivers 24X7 instant support to users.

Self-Service Support

AgreeYa’s AI-based Chatbot enables organizations to set up a self-service helpdesk for instant resolution of basic user queries.

Upskill Constantly

Adoption is always an ongoing activity. We help organizations with ongoing training needs such as refresher training, training on new upgrades, etc.