For many years, the healthcare industry has been held back by aging systems, technologies and infrastructure. This has led to clinician burnout, suboptimal patient care and high cost. The pandemic has further added to the existing challenges of the healthcare industry. Hence, the healthcare industry is increasingly turning to technology and IT service providers to transform their clinical processes, implement leading-edge technologies to deliver better patient experiences, and minimize risks involved in adopting modern technologies.

AgreeYa has enabled successful digital transformation for organizations in the healthcare and life sciences space. With the power of our cloud-based Microsoft suite of solutions, we help organizations address critical business imperatives, increase resource capacity, improve workforce productivity, and deliver personalized services across all areas of healthcare.

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AgreeYa Empowered a Healthcare Provider with a Data Warehouse Solution on Azure!

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for Healthcare

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Modern Workplace

AgreeYa enables organizations to create a modern workplace and empower clinicians to enhance their productivity. With Microsoft’s products and services, we set up a workplace that meets both your healthcare and technological needs.

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Intelligent Automation

We enable streamlining of complex healthcare processes and administrative operations, enabling organizations to stay compliant with the norms and serve the patients better.

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Application Modernization

We enable healthcare organizations to modernize medical apps with newer computing approaches, including new languages, frameworks, and infrastructure to serve patients with better healthcare.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

AgreeYa facilitate healthcare organizations to collect, analyze, and visualize their data to gain actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions to improve patients' care. Our solutions empower them to manage resources such as bed allocation, ventilators, and medications during crises.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

We empower organizations to leverage the power of the cloud by deploying state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions as a part of their digital transformation strategies. Organizations can benefit from our expertise in using Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS models for implementing hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

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Managed Services

We help healthcare providers to maximize their investment on Microsoft technologies with our Managed Services offerings. We help organizations manage, govern and secure their new technology implementations with our expert post go-live support.

Enabling Faster and Smarter Project Development for a Medical Enterprise

Benefits We Deliver to Healthcare Organizations

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Achieve Better Patient Experience

Transform operations and improve patient experience to enable clinicians and staff for delivering better care for the patients. Our solutions can help minimize patient wait time, easy access to information and responsive communication with payers and providers.

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Effective Internal Communication

Leverage the power of modern communication tools to ensure seamless communication between teams spread across different departments and locations. Enable medical professionals to interact with each other and their patients to provide improved treatments, patient care, and medical advice.

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Increase Productivity

Adopt cloud-based infrastructure and automation solutions to enhance productivity of healthcare staff. They can collaborate unanimously, automate monotonous tasks and streamline clinical workflows.

Icon for Cost Containment
Cost Containment

Embrace digital technologies to minimize operational costs and maximize ROI. Leverage innovative solutions to optimize business operations, improve productivity, uncover areas for improvement, and cost savings.

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Seamless Hospital & Patient Data Management

Utilize effective and accurate data management systems to store patient records efficiently and safely, derive meaningful insights and deliver best healthcare.

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Improve Patient Care

Gain better insights into the data to make better decisions and eliminate blind spots in patient care, including potential medical errors, drug safety concerns, discrepancies discharge process and managing remote monitoring of patients.