AgreeYa’s award-winning Generative AI powered Chatbot for Microsoft 365 is an easy-to-use conversational assistant. The AgreeYa Chatbot, built on Azure AI, provides employees with a suitable self-service helpdesk to get their queries answered instantly. It has helped many organizations improve the adoption of Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft technologies, establish data governance, drive automation and reduce the cost of operation while improving the service levels of the IT Helpdesk.

Image shows a person using Chatbot on mobile
of Using
20-40% reduction in IT helpdesk requests.
No holidays, no downtime, no sick leave- Chatbots work 24x7x365 for employees.
3X improvement in user experience and technology adoption.
40% improvement in SLA support.
Frees up personnel for other essential tasks.
Built-in rich and growing knowledge base that can handle different Microsoft 365 workloads and new features.

Maximize digital adoption at workplace and deliver enhanced customer experience with Generative AI enabled Chatbots!