AgreeYa, in partnership with Microsoft, has been serving the retail sector with its award-winning suite of software, solutions, and services. For more than two decades, experts at AgreeYa have been enabling retailers to increase their business process efficiency, provide omnichannel experiences, offer supply chain flexibility, and improve the shopping experience for customers. Our suite of solutions includes the power of Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Power Platform to address the challenges of retailers.

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for Retail Organizations

Icon for Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Infusion of new technologies into business models, operations & processes, and delivery experience to customers.

Icon for Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Automation

Allows organizations to automate their time-consuming tasks that are repetitive and don’t require manual interference.

Icon for App Modernization
App Modernization

AgreeYa’s proven methods and experience in agile, advanced DevOps, microservices and APIs help retailers modernize legacy applications, define new architectures, and build systems and applications that are easy to adopt.

Icon for Cloud & Infrastructure
Cloud & Infrastructure

Delivers a combination of consultation, deployment, cloud application, migration services, hosted data center, and public or private cloud to help retailers leverage cloud infrastructure and reduce their spending on software, infrastructure, and licensing fees.

Icon for BI & Data Analytics
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Helps retail organizations become data-driven with the help of PowerBI and Microsoft’s other analytics and AI tools. We help retailers unify historical data from various sources, analyze them, draw customer behavior insights, and then engage and serve them to convert shoppers into loyal customers.

Icon for Collaboration & Communication
Collaboration & Communication

Improve collaboration and communication to help suppliers tackle sales shifts, gain insight into planned promotions and understand the sales and demand scenarios.

Benefits We Deliver to Retail Organizations

Icon for Driving Customer Care
Drive Customer Care

Leveraging analytical solutions, organizations can know their customers better, their likes and dislikes, their expectations from the retailers, and then seamlessly share up-to-date order and inventory information to deliver an amazing customer experience.

Icon for Re-invent Supply Chain
Reinvent Supply Chain

Organizations can leverage data and analytics to get real-time information related to their supply chain and plan their deliveries better.

Icon for Empowering Workforce
Empower Workforce

Retail organizations can empower their workforce to work from anywhere anytime, leveraging the power of modern applications and the cloud.

Icon for Improved Decision Making
Improve Decision Making

With analytical insights by their side, stakeholders can make decisions related to their marketing plan, sales strategies, product improvements, and customer experience faster and better.

Icon for Maximize Technology Investments
Reduce IT Costs

Leveraging Modern Microsoft-based solutions, organizations can cut down costs associated with the maintenance of their IT infrastructure, hosting, licenses, and subscriptions.