Energy and utility companies undertake multiple tasks following the development of the power grid. Some of them are infrastructure modernization, large-scale renewable energy integration, and cyber security threats. To accomplish these tasks, companies must adopt digital technologies and prioritize data analysis to lay the foundation for a more resilient, sustainable future. We help energy and utility companies to innovate their technology infrastructure and integrate cloud solutions into their businesses to increase the efficiency of their existing internal processes, transform their workforce, and manage assets.

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Building a Modern Employee Intranet for a Public Sector Energy & Utility Agency

AgreeYa’s Suite of Solutions for Energy & Utility Companies

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Modern Workplace

AgreeYa’s suite of modern workplace solutions is based on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and a myriad of other apps which enable the workforce to work efficiently even in challenging times and increase productivity.

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Intelligent Automation

Our Power Automate-based automation solutions empower organizations to automate redundant and time-consuming processes end-to-end, helping them to market their products and services faster and plan better for the future.

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App Modernization

We help utility firms transform their legacy applications by leveraging new-age technologies such as No/Low-code solutions, cloud-based infrastructure, AI, and more.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

AgreeYa empowers companies to migrate their existing on-premise system to cloud-based infrastructure to improve organizational performance, accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience, and decarbonize and secure IT infrastructure.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Our suit of solutions empower utility companies to create dashboards, integrate data in real-time, and get critical insights for effective business operations. These insights help stakeholders to make better decisions based on historical data.

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Collaboration & Communication

Leveraging Microsoft solutions such as Teams, AgreeYa enables companies to empower their workforce to work effectively, collaborate and communicate securely from remote locations irrespective of the device they use.

Benefits We Deliver to Energy & Utility Companies

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Improves worker safety

Leveraging new-age solutions, companies can digitize their paper-based safety plans to document and manage workforce safety plans.

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Support Remote Work

Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions give companies the flexibility and reliability to support a remote/hybrid workforce. They can train and support their workforce remotely and prepare them for the field.

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Increases Productivity

Increased adoption of cloud-based infrastructure improves collaboration among the employees. With the flexibility given by the cloud, workers can get the information they need anywhere, anytime, without any dependencies.

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Improves Decision Making

Organizations can store all their data at a centralized location and manage and access it with complete security.

Icon for Cost Containment
Cost Containment

Through automation and digital transformation, we help energy & utility companies save a lot of money on resources, operations and infrastructure.

Icon for Improved Customer Experience
Improves Customer Experience

New-age technology solutions allow organizations to improve communication with their customers by leveraging AI-based bots and automation solutions. This reduces call center operation costs and enhances customer experiences.