AgreeYa offers customers a unified, open, and dynamic stack of automation solutions and expertise to provide a continuously evolving source of innovation and value for modern organizations. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner (previously Microsoft Gold Partner), we leverage industry-proven, robust, scalable, secure, and innovative automation & artificial intelligence (AI) services from Microsoft. Our intelligent automation offerings enable organizations to tackle their most significant business growth impediments, enhance business performance, streamline customer experiences, and reimagine their operations.

What We Offer

Low-code Automation

AgreeYa leverages Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate to deliver Low-code automation solutions that allow organizations to rapidly automate workflows, simplify tasks with enhanced business logic, and connect processes to streamline their operations.

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No-code Automation

AgreeYa’s award-winning No-code automation solution QuickApps, enables businesses to rapidly build complex applications and automate their mundance procceses without any coding, using a simple point-and-click interface.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

AgreeYa’s end-to-end RPA services, which include advisory services, pilot & PoCs, RPA delivery, and Bot support, allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of this leading-edge technology without disrupting the underlying systems.

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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML)

AgreeYa utilizes Power BI and Azure AI/ML to embed intelligence across the organization. We ensure AI/ML is applied effectively to deliver maximum business outcome.

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AgreeYa Chatbot

AgreeYa’s AI-powered Chatbot, built on Azure AI, provides organizations with a self-service and interactive method of answering employee queries. It helps organizations improve the adoption of new technologies, establish governance, drive automation, and reduce the cost of operation.

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Generative AI

Microsoft Copilot enables organizations with smarter ways to be stay more productive, creative, and connected to the people and things that matter. AgreeYa enables organizations to implement and succeed with the revolutionary Microsoft Copilot that is redefining how work is done.

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Global Digital Imaging Technology Leader Streamlines Stock Keeping Process with AgreeYa’s Power Automate Solution

Why Choose AgreeYa for Intelligent Automation?

Automate End-to-End Business Processes

Intelligent automation saves time and money by reducing human interaction, increasing processing speed and regularizing outputs.

Reduce Operational Bottlenecks

Intelligent automation is designed for unstructured, inconsistent processes and data. It can navigate legacy systems and other functional barriers and connect front & back-office operations.

Process Complex Data

Set up processes to run successfully no matter how big and unwieldy the data inputs look. Intelligent automation tools capture, store, and retrieve records from unstructured sources.

Mitigate Errors and Exceptions

Intelligent automation improves the efficiency and accuracy of both routine tasks and complex procedures. Over time, bots continue to improve efficiency by learning how to handle the tasks independently.

Ensure Compliance

Intelligent automation helps organizations to maintain compliance by ensuring adherence to requirements established by regulatory statutes, industry standards, and best practices.

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction with faster response time, greater accuracy and more consistent results.

Reduce Operational Costs

Dramatically reduce operational costs while improving productivity and eliminating errors in the process.

Empower Employees

Add more value to your business processes with intelligent automation and self-service tools.

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