Generative AI

Generative AI (Gen AI) has driven significant changes within a short period of existence. Generative AI tools and its impact on businesses is far-reaching. This technology is poised to fundamentally transform various domains, ranging from science and business to healthcare and society. Its impact on human creativity, productivity, and insights for decision-making is monumental.

Integrating Generative AI applications into your business strategy can bridge the gap between human intelligence and technology, empowering decision-making for sustainable growth, innovation, and a digital future defined by trust and new possibilities.

Our Approach

AgreeYa helps organizations reinvent and optimize their business processes for breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage by harnessing the power of their own data through Gen AI and Predictive Machine Learning (ML). With AgreeYa organizations get:

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AgreeYa's Generative AI Centre of Excellence

AgreeYa’s Center of Excellence (CoE) for Generative AI is a dynamic nexus of expertise dedicated to advancing Gen AI integration into diverse industries. This collaborative hub merges AgreeYa’s knowledge with Generative AI applications and models, driving innovation and value creation.

It operates as a central hub where AgreeYa’s specialists converge to support research, training, and cooperative ventures, enabling organizations to unlock Gen AI’s full potential. By engaging global customers, the CoE boosts IT operations and transforms core business processes. Its mission is to enhance customer experiences, reshape business models, and expedite digital transformation for customers with leading-edge enterprise AI solutions and technology partnerships. AgreeYa is currently focusing on pivotal use cases within different verticals, including – Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Telecom, Retail, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Life Sciences and pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Government, Education sector to name a few.

Our Generative AI-powered Offerings

AgreeYa’s Generative AI offerings can assist organizations in achieving success with their digital transformation endeavors. We aid customers in identifying the most suitable approach for leveraging gen AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to expedite business value and foster growth. Our distinctiveness offering include:

Gen AI-powered Chatbot

Harness the power of Generative AI to automate employee and customer support and streamline communications.

Application Modernization

Accelerate speed of innovation by leveraging Generative AI to build applications tailored to your business needs.

Decision Science

Harness Generative AI-driven insights and data science technologies to make informed strategic decisions and drive growth.


Optimize processes, boost productivity, and reduce costs with Generative AI-powered hyperautomation technologies.

Modern Workplace Collaboration

Enhance productivity and collaboration with Generative AI-powered M365 technologies – Viva, Copilot, Power Platform, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.

Quality Engineering & Testing

Ensure top-notch software quality and identify software bugs early through Generative AI-powered testing and Quality Assurance services.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Transform infrastructure with cloud and AI technologies for scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness – Azure, AWS, GCP.

Customer Experience

Craft captivating user experiences and interfaces using Generative AI technologies that resonate with the users.

Our Technology Capabilities

AgreeYa partners with the leading Generative AI technology providers to help you embark on this digital transformation journey.

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