Transforming SharePoint: Microsoft Integrates Copilot to Elevate User Experience

Since the beginning of this year, Microsoft has been hinting towards the integration of cutting-edge generative AI features in some of its popular workloads. During the recently concluded Microsoft 365 Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, the Redmond-giants announced Copilot integration with SharePoint. As you know, Copilot is a groundbreaking new tool that leverages the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) “to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet”. By bringing generative AI capabilities to SharePoint, Microsoft is set to revolutionize various features and experiences within the existing platform.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the announcement of Copilot in SharePoint, made during the recently concluded Microsoft 365 conference.

Copilot in SharePoint Preview Coming by the End of this Year

“If you can describe the site or page, Copilot in SharePoint will begin to create it for you, and then work with you to edit and refine it. And all within our existing commitments to data security and privacy in the enterprise.”

Adam Harmetz, Vice President of Program Management for Microsoft

The introduction of Copilot in SharePoint will simplify and expedite site creation for everyone, empowering all members of an organization to create SharePoint content adhering to brand guidelines. The natural language and AI-enhanced Copilot in SharePoint will help authors create SharePoint pages more efficiently and collaborate with others in real time. It combines the power of LLMs, enterprise data in the Microsoft Graph, and best practices for creating engaging web content to turn words into SharePoint sites and pages.

Leveraging Copilot capabilities in SharePoint, users will significantly reduce the time required to build SharePoint sites and have confidence that their site employs the best SharePoint experiences. Copilot in SharePoint will work alongside users to conversationally configure the site, iterate on UI/UX aspects, and help page authors transform their existing content into stunning SharePoint pages. It will take an existing document or presentation and turn it into a page that leverages all the new design visuals. This new capability in SharePoint will also help rewrite key text passages on the page, ensuring the right tone is struck to engage readers.

In addition to Copilot in SharePoint, there is a new start experience for SharePoint that features templates for newsletters, event announcements, project tracking sites, trip reports, brochure sites, and more. This updated SharePoint start page connects the Intranet directly to the most common team and organizational communication needs. With this new experience, creating sites and pages has never been easier. All personal pages are managed directly from the new start experience, reducing the overhead of starting with SharePoint.

SharePoint’s new look empowers users to create unique, bolder, and more sophisticated pages and sites than ever before. With new integrations for SharePoint into Outlook, Teams, and Microsoft Viva, users can rely on SharePoint to reach their readers where they work and measure the impact of their content. There is also continued investment in templates, the SharePoint Framework, and Microsoft Graph, and existing solutions will continue to work even as the user experience is updated. Consequently, users can tailor their SharePoint sites to specific workflows and integrate them with custom applications.

According to Microsoft, this update represents the most significant step they have taken in the product’s 22-year history to reimagine how sites, pages, and new types of content are created in SharePoint. Copilot in SharePoint is an exciting new addition that will greatly simplify site creation and management. SharePoint’s new look and start experience are designed to inspire users and make it easier for everyone to build more compelling and engaging SharePoint sites and pages.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner and Global Systems Integrator, AgreeYa has been enabling organizations worldwide to benefit from the latest Microsoft innovations through our leading-edge Microsoft services, solutions, and products. If you want additional information or support regarding Copilot in SharePoint, connect with our experts.

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