Reforming the Cloud-based Software Platform through Seamless Data Migration
Image shows a finger pointing towards Cloud migration

Our customer is an advanced cloud-based technology powerhouse based in Santa Clara, California. The organization delivers a range of distinct enterprise solutions to help businesses manage varied processes and workflows. The organization had recently acquired another platform to integrate smart IoT technology into its popular automation platform. But the migration of the prevailing data from the acquired environment to the acquirer’s low-code platform involved many intricacies and needed to be handled expertly.

AgreeYa seamlessly migrated content from the acquired platform to the cloud company’s Microsoft 365 environment through tailored scripts, transforming the Generative AI-powered automation platform. The project yielded significant outcomes, including a 4.4 overall satisfaction rating, 89% client preference for the new low-code automation, and a reported 66% ease in gaining insights from merged data, showcasing the project’s success in client satisfaction, platform usability, and data integrity. Download the Case Study to read more.

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