Intranet Modernization Drives Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing for a City
Public Sector Intranet Modernization

A prominent city authority, needed to modernize its outdated SharePoint 2013-based Intranet to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing across its various departments. The legacy system was difficult to navigate and lacked essential features, prompting the city to seek a modern solution to improve usability, ensure data security, and streamline business processes.

AgreeYa partnered with the city to assess their existing infrastructure and recommended transitioning to SharePoint Online. The new cloud-based Intranet, developed by AgreeYa, features intuitive interfaces, updated workflows, a governance framework, and modern capabilities. This modernization has led to a significant increase in productivity, better governance, and enhanced user experience, transforming the city’s digital workplace into a centralized hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Download Case Study to learn more.

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