Ensuring Seamless Data Migration to SharePoint Online for a Maritime Solutions Provider

Headquartered in Paris, our customer is one of the world’s leading Maritime solutions provider. Employees across this organization had been using a legacy Intranet site to store and retrieve information and collaborate for different projects. The existing Intranet platform had outgrown its prime and the management had decided to migrate to SharePoint Online. As a part of this process, more than 50 GB of data had to be migrated from the legacy intranet platform to the File server, which would subsequently be migrated from the File server to SharePoint Online sites. However, the organization encountered various roadblocks during the File server to SharePoint Online phase of migration.

AgreeYa delivered a migration solution to help the customer seamlessly migrate over 100K documents along with their metadata to the new platform, save thousands of man hours, and ensure zero data loss migration, among other benefits. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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