Delivering a Better Mechanism to Control Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Application Redesigning

Our customer is a leading public sector “clean air agency” that promotes and protects public health, welfare, and ecological resources by fighting against air pollution & climate change. One of its initiatives is Refrigerant Management Program (RMP). As a part of this program, the agency regulates stationary, non-residential refrigeration systems using more than 50 pounds of a high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant.

More than 25,000 facilities across California state with large commercial refrigeration systems utilize the R3 System application for registration, record-keeping, reporting, and updating the inspection status data. However, this vital web-based application was designed 12 years back and various visual design elements were now outdated. As a result, the application had a complicated interface, and users faced difficulty navigating through the app, resulting in a bad user experience.

AgreeYa delivered a modern and intuitive R3 System application design to the customer, which can be used seamlessly on multiple devices. The new application improved user experience, enabled better searchability of content, and allowed users to easily upload their data and file annual reports without any IT dependence, among other benefits. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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