BeatBlip Simplifies Client Onboarding Challenges for an Employee Healthcare Benefits Provider

Headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, our customer is one of the fastest-growing providers of pharmacy benefit management (PBM) programs in the U.S. The program benefits are delivered through the customer’s mobile (Android and iOS) or web application. A growing number of new clients wanted to customize the program further, before onboarding, to match their corporate policies.

As a result, the customer had to accommodate the functional enhancements requested by the new clients without impacting the current implementations. After in-depth discussions with key stakeholders, AgreeYa’s QA experts were convinced that the go-to-market time and manual testing effort involved in a new release cycle could be significantly reduced with the help of BeatBlip. BeatBlip provided the customer’s QA team with a single solution to automate tests for web, mobile, and API’s. BeatBlip’s highly advanced and AI-powered test generation and auto-heal capabilities empowered the organization to perform extensive and efficient regression testing quickly and without requiring heavy resources. To read more, download the Case Study.

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