Advancing Efficiency, Security, and Integration in an Aftermarket Service Experience Platform
Image of aftermarket customer service

Our customer is a prominent provider of aftermarket service experience platform. Challenges such as outdated systems, security vulnerabilities, and integration issues hindered operational efficiency and customer satisfaction of its platform. Recognizing the need for modernization, the organization sought AgreeYa’s expertise.

AgreeYa collaborated closely with the customer to understand their challenges and craft a comprehensive modernization roadmap. Solutions included enhanced authorization support, streamlined bulk order processing, and seamless third-party integrations. Upon launch, the modernized platform delivered 32% increase in operational efficiency, 21% rise in customer satisfaction, and 16% reduction in operational costs. AgreeYa’s transformative approach not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the customer for future growth and success in the dynamic aftermarket service landscape. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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