A Unified Data Management Channel by AgreeYa Clears Data Nuisance For A Technology Leader

Our customer serves governments across the globe, covering the entire lifecycle of critical bodies such as defense, aviation, research and development, space and system engineering. They also serve the hydrocarbons sector with differentiated professional and technical services, focusing on the monetization of hydrocarbons and more. The scale on which the client serves its customers generates massive data – related to documentation audit, supplier document and invoice processing – which is stored in lists spread across different locations in a SharePoint environment.

AgreeYa experts proposed QuickApps’ ListView and Dynamic Layout web apps to the customer. These apps equipped the non-technical staff with the capability to build their applications or perform customizations as per their requirements. These apps replaced the tedious coding process with a simple point and click method that allowed them to pull lists from different locations within SharePoint, pull additional datasets, and group them – enabling quick action. Download the Case Study to read more.

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