A Chemical Industry Giant Achieves Intelligent Data Management for its Unstructured Data
Image shows an engineer holding blueprints at an industrial plant

Our client is at the forefront of many scientific advancements in Industrial Biosciences. They were using a dated version of On-premise SharePoint, which lacked out-of-the-box functionalities to match with the exponential growth of the organization, manage and aggregate business-critical data.

The customer approached us with their challenges, which were addressed by our experts. To help the organization overcome the challenge of a widespread and inaccessible data, which was inappropriately segregated, we implemented—three powerful web apps from QuickApps for Office 365: lustier, platform, and charities.

Our implemented solution helped the client segregate data based on department, region, and vertical. This made it easy to filter and access data depending on its relevance. Moreover, the data is now grouped in a clear hierarchical structure, where the data is divided based on its importance; i.e.: critical list data, major data, and minor data. The customer can regulate the security settings and access levels for these data sets.

Upon implementation, QuickApps for Office 365’s powerful web apps had a far-fetched positive impact on the business process of the customer

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