SharePoint Governance: Share the Burden

SharePoint self-governance is a strategical move that stitches the functionality of IT and business content owners, bringing: delegated access, policy enforcement, and an effective reporting mechanism. This strategy does not crop up over a day. It is built, evolved, and established for organizational – stability and disaster resistance. Governance is much more than an IT sprint; it is – IT and business users’ – marathon. SharePoint management might have always fallen into the scope of IT, but SharePoint governance is a mutual thing for IT and business team. Besides, knowing SharePoint governance just a set of rules that run a SharePoint in an organization is an incomplete knowledge. As a larger picture, governance is a strategy built on the throbbing pulse of a business’s need.

This document will take you through: understanding governance, challenges related to it, how to establish a lasting strategy, and how to quantify your policy. Download the Whitepaper to know more.

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