Keep These Top Three Challenges of Custom-Coded SharePoint Applications at Bay

It is considered that SharePoint is first-rate, and simple collaboration platform which enterprises want for sophisticated sites and applications as compared what they can make from native SharePoint features. There is a huge need for functionalities such as tabbed forms, interactive 3-D charts, and integration with external data sources like SAP and Lotus Domino and these encourage companies to design and develop custom code. And custom code has its own share of issues and challenges. This whitepaper showcases the key challenges and how QuickApps for SharePoint provides alternative that lets one to get the SharePoint websites the way user wants without any custom code hassles.

Download this whitepaper to understand:

  • Why customize SharePoint?
  • Where customization is required?
  • The core issues of custom code
  • Avoiding the challenges by eliminating custom code

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