Omnia Partners, Public Sectors: Information Technology (IT) Temporary and Professional Services. Agreement Number – 2021003045

About AgreeYa Solutions

We are a leader in providing full-service staffing solutions and have been delivering the right talent since 1999.  AgreeYa Solutions has been working with State and local government, Higher Education, K-12, Special Districts, Utilities, Hospital and Healthcare organizations, and others for more than 22 years now.  

AgreeYa is uniquely positioned to deliver high-impact IT staff augmentation and SOW-based solutions that enable public sector organizations to innovate, transform and work smarter, to enhance services, improve outcomes and achieve more. 

We are committed to delivering the cream of the talent to our clients quickly and cost-effectively. We offer workforce solutions across various industries including financial services, public sector, energy & utility, media & telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceutical & biotech, hi-tech, manufacturing, and retail. 

Who can use the Contract

Eligible customers may competitively solicit services through resume request/Staff requisition or statement of work (SoW). With our innovative staffing services, we will enable public sector clients to transform their operations and infrastructures; get quality hires, and quickly find qualified talent. We will be continuously working hand in gloves with you to maintain the staff in full throttle throughout our contract.

Agreement Information

Contractor: AgreeYa Solutions, Inc.
Agreement Number: 2021003045

Our Staffing Offerings

Below is a list of our unique staffing services available under AgreeYa’s Omnia contract.

• Contract Staffing
• Contract-to-hire staffing
• Borderless Workforce
• Permanent Staffing
• Project Staffing
• Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions

So, here’s a brief about our unique and advanced types of staffing services-

Contract Staffing

AgreeYa’s Contract Staffing solution is one of our most innovative staffing solutions to meet the fluctuating talent needs of the new-age organizations. Contract staffing is the best staffing solution for short-term projects and seasonal hiring. Our active bench and pool of pre-qualified candidates are best at addressing urgent needs and is fulfilled in 4-24 hours.

Contract-to-hire staffing

This is another state-of-the-art staffing solution that is in demand to fulfill short-term positions with a possibility for the candidates of getting permanently hired after the contract ends.  AgreeYa’s Contract-to-hire staffing solution is also one of the best when it comes to handling immediate and long-term resource requirements. Our talent acquisition team works closely and dedicatedly to understand the specific requirements

Borderless Workforce

With our Borderless Workforce staffing solution, companies get an opportunity to fill their immediate open positions with our pool of remote workers. This is the best staffing solution for companies looking for temporary and consulting professionals.

Permanent Staffing

AgreeYa stands apart with more than two decades of experience in providing full-time staff that promises skill, potential, and attitude that will most fit for your company. Our “round the clock” team follows a unique recruitment process, offering end-to-end recruiting services. We ensure that we can position your organization effectively to the prospective candidates.

Project Staffing

AgreeYa understands the needs of the companies for specific projects and addresses them through a Project Staffing solution that provides project-specific professionals. We can deploy a dedicated offsite or onsite team or a mix of both based on the budget and needs of the project.

Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions

AgreeYa through its Managed Solutions & Statement of Work (SoW) Solutions takes the responsibility of making your projects successful. By utilizing our CMMI and ISO-certified delivery and quality framework to deliver SoW-based projects and focus on saving costs.

AgreeYa School of Innovation (ASOI) Program

AgreeYa’s ASOI Program trains freshers to be ready for the industry as and when required. Through this program, AgreeYa aims to fill the gaps in demand and supply. 

AgreeYa Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

We take great pride in being a thought leader in the MSP space. Having association with some of the top global MSP organizations in the staffing industry we have developed an exceptional MSP Business Model. 

We have a very mature and proven MSP staffing services model that guarantees high-quality and personalized staffing services to our MSP’s customers from large to Fortune 100 organizations.

As a part of the contract, we will make the best use of the key metrics of a successful staffing program, and our processes and in-house tools are going to be mapped for Omnia Partners’ staffing requirements. We will run reviews of the under-mentioned metrics on a weekly and monthly basis, to remain compliant and meet the contract expectations. 

AgreeYa’s Unique Value Proposition

AgreeYa has a glorious track record of successfully supporting governments in providing experienced and technically skilled resources that fulfill their project requirements. We have a large local and global recruitment team with access to a huge pool of experienced talent both locally and across the US.
We deliver a wide variety of customized staffing services; Contract, Contract-to-hire, Direct Hire, etc. Whether you need individual staff or full project team staffing services AgreeYa provides it all. We also undertake SoW-based projects where we put together teams to deliver IT services as per customers’ requirements.
AgreeYa provides ongoing support to on-site staff through our unique Employee Care Program. Our employee care specialists ensure that our staff working for you is motivated and focused on their job. We provide a single point of contact at AgreeYa to address all questions, concerns, and issues. Over and above this we also provide technical support to our staff to help them deliver as per the customer’s expectations.
We have training processes for the respective service areas that assist resources in constantly upgrading their skills in respective technologies that are at par with industry standards. AgreeYa maintains a large pool of professionals with experience in servicing the public and government sectors.

Omnia Agreement Number- 2021003045

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Contact Information

For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information please contact AgreeYa at:

Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner
AgreeYa Solutions, Inc.
Phone: +1 (916) 294-9900