Protecting Citizens from Hazards of Vehicular Emissions with a Leading-edge App

Founded in 1967, our customer is a leading air pollution control board responsible for overseeing air quality standards and managing climate change initiatives in California. However, the customer encountered significant obstacles with its legacy Clean Air Reporting Log (CARL) application, resulting in delays in grant funding and manual data entry inaccuracies.

To address these challenges, AgreeYa stepped in to modernize the CARL application. Leveraging a microservices-based AWS Cloud architecture, the redesigned app streamlined UI/UX and database communication. Through automation of workflows, integration of new program types, and the introduction of self-service reporting. The updated app slashed manual efforts by 95% and boosted efficiency by 1.5X. This transformation ensured prompt fund disbursal and contributed to the overall improvement of citizen welfare. Download the Case Study for further details.

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