Implementing Seamless Microsoft 365 Cross-tenant Migration for a Non-Profit Organization
Image for Microsoft 365 Cross-Tenant Migration

Our customer is a non-profit, community-owned public power utility provider. In its continuous pursuit of operational excellence, the organization wanted to migrate existing workload data along with the Azure subscription from the Government Community Cloud (GCC) tenant to the Commercial tenant. However, migration from GCC to the Commercial tenant could pose challenges in compliance, security, data transfer, and application compatibility. The non-profit organization sought help from an industry-proven technology partner.

AgreeYa enabled the customer to seamlessly transition from GCC tenant to a new Commercial tenant. Through careful planning, thorough migration execution, and continuous support, the customer successfully transferred its Microsoft 365 workload data without any loss scenarios and aligned the new tenant’s parameters with the previous configuration. The migration activity empowered the customer with a fully operational Commercial Microsoft 365 environment, improved user collaboration, and enhanced IT administration capabilities, ultimately contributing to their overall operational efficiency and success. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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