Enabling Seamless and Secure Onboarding of OEM Devices with Test Automation Solution
Image of OEM Devices with Test Automation Solution

Our customer is an internationally recognized telecommunications powerhouse, providing robust voice, data, and video services. The organization offers a range of OEM devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and more, along with reliable Internet and mobile services to millions of customers. Every OEM device integrated into the company’s network is hosted and checked for wireless compliance through an in-house application. Thousands of new OEM devices of various brands and types are onboarded on the telecommunications provider’s network. This means that the new and ongoing functionalities in the application had to be tested across a huge range of test scenarios and modules before every release. This required creating and managing a multitude of test scenarios and modules. Consequently, a lot of manual effort and time for the Quality Assurance (QA) team was consumed in this process. This was creating a huge testing backlog and impacting the product enhancement lifecycle.

AgreeYa team leveraged HuLoop to ensure less time and effort is required for testing new enhancements. HuLoop’s test automation capabilities helped the telecommunications giant to adequately tackled the bottlenecks faced by its internal QA team towards testing new enhancements in the hosting and compliance application. Our Test Automation as a Service (TaaS) offering enabled the customer to leverage HuLoop’s test automation capabilities to the maximum and onboard the QA team seamlessly. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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