Enabling Prompt Disaster Response by Modernizing a Critical Law Enforcement Mobile App
Image of Emergency Response Plan

Our customer, an American law enforcement agency, serves a community of over 564,000 citizens by providing essential disaster alerts and support. However, the discontinuation of the PhoneGap Build service in 2020 left its Disaster Support mobile app outdated and difficult to maintain. Users faced usability issues, data security concerns, and lacked essential functionalities necessary for effective disaster response.

AgreeYa partnered with the agency to modernize the app using Flutter, an open-source framework by Google. We revamped the UI/UX, migrated confidential data securely, and developed a natively compiled mobile app. Key features included filtering options, click-to-call and click-to-message functionality, and offline access to critical data. Rigorous testing ensured a robust, secure application. The revamped app enhanced user experience, improved adoption, and enabled over 2000 citizens to request for disaster support, significantly boosting the agency’s disaster response capabilities. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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