Enabling Better Citizen Engagement and Collaborative Governance with App Modernization
Image shows professionals collaborating at workplace

Our customer is a metropolitan planning organization that facilitates long-term regional planning for Southern California which includes six counties and 191 cities. Every four years, the metropolitan planning organization updates its visionary plan for the region’s future by collecting comments, feedback, and signed comment letters. All the citizen inputs are gathered through the existing public engagement system. However, the citizens faced various issues with the usability of the existing system.

AgreeYa addressed the unique challenges and streamlined the public engagement system with multi-faceted architecture using a mix of leading-edge Microsoft technologies. We delivered an end-to-end system that met the customer’s need for a dependable, secure, and user-friendly public comment platform. We ensured 100% uptime with Azure Front Door and handled large, secure file uploads via Blob Storage. Browser caching-maintained session data, and we expanded comment submission capabilities to improve public engagement. Download the Case Study to read more.

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