Enabling a State Healthcare Agency to Process Mission-critical Documents Rapidly with an RPA Solution

Our customer is a highly regulated healthcare agency responsible for protecting the public health and well-being of nearly 40 million Californians. To provide unimpeded patient care to the citizens, the healthcare agency has a Contract Staff Program in place that focused on managing and fulfilling various healthcare staffing requirements. As part of this program, the agency onboard medical professionals from various staffing vendors within the state, scans their staff documents and validates all the information. However, manual processing of documents was making the entire process cumbersome, error-prone, and entails hours of manual effort.

AgreeYa enabled the healthcare agency to fully automate their document processing and validation processes, ensuring no scope for delays or oversights by developing and implementing a new-age RPA solution. The solution ensured that all the details were quickly validated according to the process requirements. Download the Case Study to learn more.

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