Delivering a Robust Decisioning System to Enable Revenue Growth through Personalized Offers
Image shows benefits of a decisioning system

Based in New York City, our customer is a leading telecommunications conglomerate involved in providing telecom products and services. The telecom giants were leveraging a legacy Opportunity to Billing (O2B) system to store and analyze customer information. However, the existing system lacked various essential capabilities to understand consumers’ intent or area of interest. Real-time consumer intent mapping was essential to launch offers that enable maximum revenue generation.

AgreeYa’s team of experts modernized the decisioning system leveraging Pega platform to enable live capture of consumer intent data and proper decisioning based on it. The new system had a multifaceted architecture and utilized a mix of leading-edge technologies. Upon launch, the new decisioning system was able to help concerned departments launch better offers to existing consumers and new prospects. Download the Case Study to read more.

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