AgreeYa Enables a State Transportation Organization to Recreate SharePoint Apps 5X Faster

Our customer is a government organization responsible for moving people and goods through the U.S. state of Georgia in a timely and efficient manner. The organization has been utilizing SharePoint as its sole content and document repository, and has over the years built various SharePoint apps to simplify operations. However, the organization wanted to upgrade to a newer SharePoint version and sought AgreeYa’s help to recreate their native applications.

AgreeYa deployed 21 powerful QuickApps web apps across the customer’s SharePoint environment and recreated more than 30 native SharePoint applications within a rapid turnaround time of 2 weeks (including testing). With QuickApps and AgreeYa’s support, the government organization was able to reduce development time by 61% and slash development costs by 64%. Download the Case Study to read the full story.

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