AgreeYa Empowers a Healthcare Provider with a Data Warehouse Solution on Azure

Our customer is a Musculoskeletal (MSK) solutions chain that wanted to transform its entire organization into a data-driven entity. However, the sheer scale of the operations had led the organization to manage its data with separate technologies for storage, processing, and delivery. This siloed approach created unnecessary complexity, costs, and extra work. Additionally, there was a lot of manual effort involved in data collection and consolidation.

Upon due diligence, AgreeYa’s data experts suggested the development of a centralized data warehouse solution based on Microsoft commercial Azure Cloud with Azure Synapse and Azure Purview. Once the data warehouse solution was ready, our experts implemented Power BI to enable users across the organization to easily pull, slice & dice data and prepare impactful reports swiftly. With the solution in place, the organization was able to automate more than 40% of manual efforts involved in business reporting. Download case study to read more.

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