AgreeYa Chatbot for Microsoft 365 Support Services

AgreeYa’s AI-based Chatbot for Microsoft 365 is an easy to use, conversational assistant that acts as an intelligent virtual agent enabling organizations to extend instant and round the clock support services for its users while freeing up IT helpdesk staff, to focus on complex requests and other high-value interactions.

Microsoft 365 is a suite of Office apps, intelligent could services with world-class security designed to help organizations achieve more. Its apps and services help organizations stay organized, communicate seamlessly, automate tasks, and get work done. Despite all such highlights, many organizations are not able to realize the ROI from their Microsoft 365 implementation due to lack of knowledge, low user adoption and high IT support costs.

Respond rapidly to the employee questions and provide helpdesk process automation with AgreeYa’s AI Chatbots. Download this brochure to know more about features of AgreeYa’s Chatbot for Microsoft 365, success stories and much more.

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