How is No-code Process Automation Shaping the Future of Work?

Undoubtedly, the swift adoption of digital technologies delivers a competitive advantage to organizations, but does it guarantee success? To maximize the returns on technological investments, organizations need to spend smart instead of spending big. They have to identify business areas where leading-edge technologies can leave an impact. In the fast-paced market, organizations need to invest in technologies that can speed up development cycles, time-to-market, and simplify the development process. Additionally, organizations need to embrace technologies that can unburden the IT teams from suboptimal tasks. No-code technology has emerged as the most viable solution to the above requirements.

How No-code is changing the face of SharePoint development?

When a SharePoint-based process automation requirement arises in an organization, utilizing SharePoint as their default choice of Intranet and Document/Content Management platform, the business manager approaches the IT department with a list of requirements. The IT department adds the development request in its generally long list of service requests. After a few weeks, a professional with expert coding skills would be assigned the development request. The developer would process the requirements and send the app for approval to the business manager. Upon assessing the automation solution, in most instances, the business users will have many feedbacks and requests for modifications. The loop of feedback and modification goes on for some more weeks until both parties are satisfied with the outcome. However, by this time, a lot of time has elapsed, most requirements have changed, and new needs have already been shared with the IT department. As a result, the new automation has lost its priority. This is the fate of most process automation built leveraging the coding-based SharePoint development approach.

No-code approach to process automation platforms bridge the skill gaps and empower business users to develop SharePoint applications and implement process automation. Business managers no longer have to wait in queue for their automation requests to be addressed. Users with the process and SharePoint knowledge can leverage SharePoint web parts and point-and-click configuration to build their own automation. By adopting No-code solutions, organizations can fast-track their BPA endeavors by up to 80%. As the automation is not based on heavy coding, it can be easily customized to address future requirements.

According to Gartner, the need for business-driven hyperautomation will be one of the top three drivers for No-code adoption through 2022.

How No-code Process Automation is Empowering Organizations?

1: Enables organizations to cope with the existing talent shortage

Shortage of technical talent is a roadblock for many organizations today, and unfortunately, this crisis will not be resolved sometime soon. To stay competitive, in the existing scenario of acute talent shortage, organizations need to adopt technologies that can bridge the skills gap between two important employee groups – employees who code and business users who understand what to code. No-code solutions are solving this skills gap by allowing business users to build solutions without any coding.

The No-code movement is addressing the skills shortage radically. It has transformed the conventional, arduous, drawn-out application development and process automation methods, making it easier for the non-coders and business users to build complex applications simply using point-and-click configuration.

2: Allows developers to focus on strategic work

The emergence and rapid popularity of No-code platforms have caused panic among the development community. There’s quite a buzz that No-code solutions will soon replace the developers! However, when considered carefully, such solutions are facilitators for developers. No-code solutions not only empower the business users but also liberate the developers from spending their hours performing mundane tasks too. It helps them evolve and contribute more heavily to strategic tasks with growth opportunities. Additionally, leveraging No-code process automation solutions, developers can complete a part of their development tasks in rapid time, deliver faster, and impress their superiors.

3: Supplements Remote/Hybrid Working

With the COVID-19 cases across the U.S. flattening, many organizations are planning to return to the workplace soon. However, a recent Harvard Business School survey uncovered, 81% of professionals today prefer to work from home and would rather have a hybrid model going forward. Thus, it is clear that the Hybrid/ Remote working culture is here to stay.

The popularity and adoption of No-code solutions skyrocketed during the pandemic. Such solutions enabled most organizations to protect their business continuity and build the automation required to move the work forward. No-code automation platforms will continue empowering the non-coders to create essential business applications leveraging an intuitive visual interface and point-and-click configuration sitting within the comforts of their homes.

4: Improves business agility and enhances productivity

According to a recent McKinsey report, the pandemic has speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years. In a fast-paced digital-first world, organizations need to rapidly respond to their technology requirements. No-code solutions enable organizations to accelerate development and time-to-market. The application and process automation can be implemented when they are most required. Such solutions save time and cost while allowing organizations to remain agile and flexible to the business and market requirements.

Embrace the Future of Work Today!

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