Build a SharePoint-based IT Support ticketing System to Save Costs and Complexities
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86% of organizations reported an increase in team productivity after implementing a helpdesk ticketing system.

– HubSpot

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous transition in the way organizations operate. Businesses are embracing new technologies to meet the new workplace norms and adjust to the market realities in the digital world. Tedious manual processes are being automated at an incredible speed across functions. One such area which requires automation is the IT ticketing system. Automation can help stakeholders save time and allows them to focus on other business-critical aspects.

What is IT Support Ticketing System?

An IT support ticketing system allows organizations to provide service to customers and internal employees by assigning a ticket to every inquiry. Helpdesk professionals can use it to track the inquiry to its resolution whether you are the customer, partner, service agent and manager. A robust IT support ticket system streamlines and accelerates the resolution process.

The Benefits of IT Support Ticketing System

A robust ticketing management system is more proficient and functional than conventional customer service tools like email. Here are reasons why enterprises should consider automating IT support ticketing:

1: Increased efficiency

An IT support ticketing system can help streamline your organization’s helpdesk process by automating many of the tasks associated with managing support tickets. This can free up staff’s time so they can focus on more important tasks.

2: Improved communication

An IT support ticketing system can improve communication between your organization’s support staff and its users. By centralizing all your organization’s support information in one place, everyone will have better access to the latest updates and status on each ticket.

3: Dynamic ticket routing and escalation

An IT support ticket system enables the team to route troublesome tickets to the appropriate personnel. It allows organizations to utilize rule-based automation to manage the escalation process better. Rule-based automation improves accuracy, efficiency, and delivers employee satisfaction.

4: Greater visibility

An IT support ticketing system can give your organization’s management greater visibility into the performance of your support staff. By tracking key metrics such as response times and resolution rates, you can ensure that your team is meeting its SLAs and consistently providing quality service to your users.

5: Delivers self-service options

When Chatbots are integrated with an automated ticketing system, they can deliver self-service options and prompt employees to resolve their basic issues themselves, saving time for service teams.

Why should organizations leverage SharePoint to build an IT Ticketing System?

The basic aim of a support ticketing system is to help an organization solve problems with its existing process and not create new ones! Purchasing a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product might appear to be a quick fix, but your internal users will need fair handholding before leveraging the new tool. Then there is also the compatibility issue with existing line of business (LOB) systems. Such concerns often keep an organization from introducing a new system to automate and transform its support ticketing.

However, over 250,000 organizations leverage SharePoint to boost employee collaboration, document management, project management, etc. Internal employees are familiar with SharePoint and its various features. Moreover, as a flexible platform, SharePoint enables seamless integration with existing LOB systems. The cost of developing a seamless support ticketing system on SharePoint is much less compared to COTS products’ prices. Consequently, building your automation solution on SharePoint makes excellent sense. Other benefits of implementing a SharePoint-based support ticketing system include the following:

1: Security

SharePoint offers strict security features such as data encryption, user permission level, multifactor authentication, strong passwords, etc. It ensures that your data remains safe and well-governed.

SharePoint offers an advanced search feature. Specific metadata and full-text ticket searches are permitted; this helps helpdesk professionals find complete information quickly. It has a significant impact on minimizing the issue resolution time of users.

3: Familiarity with the use

A SharePoint-based ticketing system is more familiar for the employees utilizing SharePoint or Microsoft 365. Users will have a short learning curve and start using the system to get prompt resolutions or offer support.

4: Easy customization

SharePoint enables organizations to create solutions adapted to the organization’s established process. These solutions consist of Intranet, portal, and document management. Whether an organization is already using SharePoint or only considering implementing a SharePoint-based solution, customizing would help design an intuitive UI/UX to motivate the workforce to use SharePoint actively.

5: Automated workflow

With a SharePoint-based ticketing system, enterprises can implement several features to automate the ticketing system end-to-end, for example, approvals, delegations, notifications, email alerts, and escalations of requests.

6: Maximization of SharePoint ROI

According to an AIIM Report, nearly 50% of organizations struggle with maximizing the utility of SharePoint beyond an Intranet tool. A SharePoint-based ticketing system enables organizations to get more value from their investment. It also helps organizations save costs on the purchase of expensive COTS products.

Build a Robust Support Ticketing System with QuickApps

By now, you know that a supporting ticketing system on SharePoint is the way forward for your organization. Let us introduce you to QuickApps – a No-code SharePoint process automation solution. QuickApps slashes SharePoint development time by up to 80% and reduces costs significantly. The solution features a rich assortment of web apps for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. QuickApps’ qListForm and qSIListForm web apps can be utilized by the users to capture ticket requests. While the qListView, qChartView, qSIListView, and qSIChartView can be leveraged to create various roles-based dashboards. Additionally, the qCalendarView web app can be used to see meetings related to IT tickets. Organizations can leverage QuickApps’ web apps to create a perfect support ticketing system to meet their requirements.

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