Top 10 Sessions to watch out for during Microsoft Ignite 2021

The second edition of Microsoft’s premier event, Microsoft Ignite, is just around the corner and will kick off on November 2, 2021. The event will be all virtual once again and offer an attractive lineup of sessions on the latest enhancements to Microsoft’s rich portfolio of products and services. The session catalog for Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021 is now live and our experts spent some time exploring it.

Coming back to the event, proceedings will kick off with a powerful opening keynote from Satya Nadella. It will be followed by 450 more sessions on various topics delivered by Microsoft and industry experts. It is apparent from the session catalog that the leading themes for the Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021 conference are hybrid working, cloud computing, next-generation technology solutions, and cybersecurity. Microsoft Ignite will also offer some interesting sessions and updates on Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365.

However, with such a long list of impressive sessions, it can be difficult to build a perfect schedule. So, we have mapped out the top 10 sessions you will want to keep on your radar if you are attending the Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021.

1: Satya Nadella Keynote
Speaker: Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft)

Satya Nadella will deliver his opening keynote on emerging trends and the latest innovations across the Microsoft Cloud and how it will transform every organization and industry moving forward. The session will enlighten the attendees about how the economy and society are presently undergoing a massive change and organizations need to adopt cloud services to match with this change.

2: Empower everyone for a new world of Hybrid work
Speaker: Jared Spataro (CVP, Modern Work, Microsoft)

Jared Spataro’s session will provide a deep insight into the hybrid working and how organizations can tackle the challenges emerging from this new way of working. Spataro will be talking about how the adoption and development of new trends and technologies during this era of hybrid working will help organizations to accelerate growth.

3: Secure, develop and innovate in hybrid and multi-cloud with Microsoft Azure
Roanne Sones (CVP, Microsoft)

Today’s organizations face new security challenges. Organizations have a diverse set of applications and security requirements to innovate and deploy anywhere. Azure compliments hybrid working and delivers organizations with the flexibility to secure and govern applications better. It delivers high value whether an organization is leveraging on-premises, multi-cloud, or edge infrastructure. During the session, Roanne will showcase the latest hybrid capabilities available in Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI that can help organizations and their employees to achieve more, wherever they are.

4: Choice and Flexibility: The future of hybrid work
Speakers: Rishi Kumar (Logitech), Alexander Mooney (Logitech), Sandhya Rao (Microsoft), & Jimmy Vaughan (Microsoft)

Join the Microsoft and Logitech experts for a live chat session wherein they discuss why choice and flexibility are the two most important aspects to sustain in the modern business scenario. The session will further elaborate on how Microsoft’s solutions enable organizations to meet their existing workplace challenges, sustain growth and stay ready for the future with its flexibility and robustness. During this interactive session, attendees can ask questions pertinent to their workplace challenges.

5: Intro to Microsoft Teams administration and management
Speaker: John Gruszczyk (Product Manager, Microsoft)

Organizations that are new to Microsoft Teams administration and management can get a lot of value from this session. During the session, John will provide an overview of why Microsoft Teams administration and management is quintessential for organizations. The session will dive into pertinent issues such as Microsoft Teams governance, reporting, and management best practices. It promises to take “your Teams administration and management skills to the next level”!

6: Protect everything with end-to-end Security
Speaker: Vasu Jakkal (CVP, Security, Compliance & Identity, Microsoft)

There has been a surge of sophisticated cyber threats. The hybrid work scenario is creating great opportunities for the miscreants and increasing challenges for the IT teams. During this session, Vasu will talk about how “Microsoft’s integrated, comprehensive stance to security is enabling organizations to become more secure and resilient”. The session will also help attendees discover new products that allow organizations to protect everything, from endpoint to cloud, across security, compliance, device management, identity, and privacy.

7: Empower data-backed decision making with Power BI, Power Automate, and Azure synapse analysis
Speakers: Vanessa Fournier, Justin Graham & Rupali Jain (Microsoft)

During this session, Microsoft’s experts will talk about how Microsoft’s stack of powerful solutions empowers organizations to unlock limitless insights to transform business operations and drive growth. It will focus on how businesses can gain vital business insights at a pace that organizations require with Power BI, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, Azure Purview, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI Embedded.

8: Build secure solutions fearlessly within Power Platform
Speakers: Sean Fiene & Zohar Raz (Microsoft)

Organizations around the world are facing new security challenges. Power Platform Admin Center and Center of Excellence starter kit empower organizations to build powerful and secure solutions that are secure and adhere to governance policies. Learn how an organization can increase the adoption of Power Platform while adhering to the governance best practices for Low code development.

9: Introducing new innovations in Azure AI
Speakers: Sarah Bird & Dominic Divakaruni (Microsoft)

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the way organizations across industries innovate and serve their customers. Azure AI has been empowering organizations to “build innovative, enterprise-grade solutions to transform your business. Join Sarah and Dominic to discover what’s new in Azure AI and see how you can use the service to unlock the power of AI.

10: Model and Partition your Data in Azure Cosmos DB
Speakers: Mark Brown and Gary Hope (Microsoft)

Today’s applications need to be highly responsive and always available. To achieve low latency and ensure high availability, applications need to be deployed in data centers close to the users. Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database built for modern app development needs. This database is both horizontally scalable and non-relational. During the session, Mark and Gary will provide an overview of concepts, techniques, and technologies that are unique to “NoSQL databases for modeling and partitioning data”.

The AgreeYa team is super excited about the upcoming Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021 and like the previous edition, we will be tuning in and listening to the amazing lineup of speakers, sessions, and connecting with the Microsoft community. We have also launched some exclusive offers to help organizations Automate, Analyze and Transform. Schedule a meeting with us now or avail of our time-limited offers now.

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