Automation: Trends and predictions for the upcoming year 2022

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The leading IT firms and tech giants experienced that the year 2021 brought some permanent shifts in the way businesses and teams will operate worldwide in the upcoming years. Thus, we can expect a significant expansion in the adoption of automated solutions in the year 2022. The severity of Covid-19 might be fluctuating, but the changes it has brought to businesses around the world are here to stay. A lot has changed in terms of how we communicate, plan our work and run our business.

Automation is at the forefront of all of these changes. We can be sure that intelligent automation will boost digital transformation. The revolution that automation has brought into the system and the way it has streamlined operations have given us the luxury to hold even higher expectations in the coming year. Automation compels organizations to use analytics and Machine Learning that results in intelligent decisions and business growth.  

Not only this, organizations are looking forward to automation to integrate a higher rate of efficiency and flexibility in the coming year. But let’s move forward from such generic predictions to more specific ones. Here we have compiled some of the top predictions and trends that can be seen to happen in the upcoming year 2022.

  • Convergence of AI and IoT– IoT, i.e., Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, gained traction way before the pandemic. But who would have thought that both would combine and bring in more wonders one day? The new buzzword will be AIoT in the year 2022. As most of the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have promised 5G connections in the coming year, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population will access the Internet. According to Cisco, between 2022-23, M2M connections will be half of the globally connected devices by 2023. IoT applications have the largest share of M2M connections. Hence, the increasing availability of 5G connections and advancement in AI will make our IoT devices smarter and more secure. The convergence of AIoT complimented with 5G connections will lead to an extensive increase in IoT applications. Thus, we can expect to use more virtual and augmented reality gadgets in 2022.
  • AI-powered Data Management Solutions– An organization stands nowhere if it is made devoid of its data. When data holds such importance, its management and the whole architecture are equally essential to look after. As the size of the organization increases, its data also increases exponentially, and only automation can handle such a humungous amount of data. The new-age AI-powered Data Management Solutions use algorithms to deliver high-quality and relevant data. AI-based algorithms will eliminate ambiguity while searching for reliable resources. Not only the authenticity of the data, but such solutions will also make the best use of AI to deliver data as per the required frequency, format, and standard. With such brilliant Data Solutions, the processes like mergers and acquisitions, auditing, privacy compliances become very streamlined and error-free. So, this is the second to the list of automation predictions for 2022.
  • Decision-AI and Predictive Behavior Analysis– Time is of next-level importance when we talk about business and ROI. This calls for real-time decisions in the business world. Recent and real-time data must inspire every decision taken in a company. When collaborating with Machine Learning, AI allows organizations to make more business and ROI-oriented decisions with negligible latency. Decision-AI will be suitable for marketers as well as AI helps in recognizing the fundamental requirements and intent of the customer. It will help them connect with the customers with real numbers and customized recommendations. Decision AI can be leveraged to determine the right time to approach the customer by using predictive behavior analysis.
  • Process Intelligence for Monitoring– Automation has made monitoring processes much more straightforward and easier. Ease of doing tasks is crucial and of greater relevance to all organizations especially large multinationals. This is because innumerable processes go on within such large organizations, and automation makes monitoring and tracking these processes very fast and error-free; saving a lot of time and human effort. Thus, measuring the status and success of the projects also becomes easy.
  • AI-enabled Cybersecurity Solutions– To stay ahead of cyber threats, Artificial Intelligence will help organizations, especially the ones that are under-resourced in terms of security operations analysts. AI will allow them to protect, detect and respond. With the inception of AI, automated security models can be trained with the right set of data and then be tested multiple times to make the process more robust. Such an intelligent security solution is generally termed a Cognitive security solution that makes the future of cybersecurity.
  • Application of automation in large-scale vaccinations– Global response to the ongoing pandemic has been and continues to be large-scale vaccinations, and automation is emerging out to be a game-changer here. The public and private sectors have adopted automation to expedite the process of vaccination. Automated software makes vaccination scheduling, maintaining records, appointing mass vaccinations, and monitoring supplies seamless and quick. Thus, we can expect more and more automated software solutions to be implemented publicly and privately for seamless vaccination outreach.

These were some of the technology trends that we can expect in the coming year. 2022 will see a rise in the investments that organizations make in automated tools and solutions. Organizations and their workforce will pin their hopes high on emerging AI-based technologies.

You can find these technologies already becoming a reality in many processes but they will become the new norm soon. Hence getting on board with all the pillars of automation, i.e., RPA, AI, ML, etc., early will accelerate your organization’s growth. Until then, analyze your processes and identify the gaps that automation can fill with automation efforts and unleash newly defined possibilities.

A lot has been said about how the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and what could have taken years, happened in months or weeks.

To keep up with this pace of change, business leaders must pick the right AI/machine learning tools that are tuned to deliver a quick return on their investment. Working with a technology partner that has experience and success stories to share with automation will help you speed up the process.

At any stage, if you need any support regarding your automation initiatives, our experts will be very glad to support you.

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