Best Practices Around Remote Sourcing, Screening, and Hiring

Employers have adapted and become comfortable with the idea of remote working because of the benefits it provides to not only the employer, but the employee as well. Statistics show that a remote employee is more productive, more affordable and has less turnover.

However, implementing remote sourcing, screening, and hiring program is not as easy as tossing a coin. Also hiring a remote employee is a different sport altogether. What should talent seekers know about best practices to successfully navigate the new normal and otherwise with evolving business needs?

In this whitepaper, we are sharing some recommendations on remote recruitment; sourcing, screening, and hiring remote employees, followed by virtual onboarding to meet your organization’s business needs.

Download this whitepaper to know about best practices and a step by step guide to remote hiring starting from hiring preparation to virtual onboarding

  • Hiring Prep
  • Sourcing and Interviewing
  • Video Interview Tips for Employers
  • Evaluating Remote Candidates
  • Screening and Selection
  • Virtually Onboard New Hires

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