Connecting and engaging with your community is vital, along with empowering citizens with accessible information. It’s crucial to ensure that people across all areas of your communities can easily access and utilize information. In recent years, the popularity of community engagement apps has soared as they offer a seamless means of connecting individuals within a community and facilitating effective communication.

AgreeYa’s Community Engagement Mobile App (CEMA) provides a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing community members to easily access relevant information about local events, news, and volunteer opportunities through a curated and customized cross-platform mobile suite.

CEMA is designed to foster meaningful connections, promote collaboration, and empower individuals to create change.
Whether you are a passionate volunteer, a community leader, or someone who simply wants to make a difference, our app provides the tools and resources you need to get involved and make a lasting impact.
One-Stop Shop
Easily Configurable
Cloud Ready

With just a few taps CEMA ensures that community members are heard, and always stay up to date on important community information and events. The mobile app provides an easy-to-use solution with the following features: