AgreeYa’s OfferWorksTM Product Certified As Ready For IBM Store Integration Framework

Folsom, CA (November 16, 2007) – AgreeYa Solutions announced their recent completion of application validation testing of their product OfferWorksTM for IBM Store Integration Framework (SIF). OfferWorksTM is a Java-based Offer Management and Delivery platform designed to deliver personalized offers to the right customers, at the right time, through the right channels. OfferWorksTM is designed for marketing functions seeking to improve customer loyalty, sales, and profits.

OfferWorksTM consists of a suite of integrated modules, built utilizing IBM’s WebSphere product, that addresses the entire offer lifecycle; from offer creation to closed-loop analysis of offer efficacy and profitability. It runs on multiple platforms and pertinent POS transactional information. OfferWorksTM is built to rapidly integrate with customer touchpoints such as kiosks, POS, digital signage, PDAs, websites, and mobile phones.

OfferWorksTM consists of the following modules:
OfferStudio- A web-based module used for the creation and management of offers and corresponding business rules to drive offer personalization/relevancy.

OfferAdvisor- A high-performance, run-time decision engine that calculates and delivers real-time personalized offers by utilizing the information set up in OfferStudio combined with a dynamic customer profile.

OfferAnalytics- A web-based, closed-loop analytics module that utilizes an interactive dashboard to visually depict offer KPIs; and allows users to customize dashboards.

OfferWorksTM helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of offers/promotions by:

  • Bringing a personal touch – define promotions and offers based on customer’s personal/historical buying behavior.
  • Enhancing targeted offers – correlate markets and products by their individual characteristics and define target promotion/offers that improve returns.
  • Improving relevance – connect with your customer’s buying emotions at the right time using the right channel
  • Making it interactive – by viewing the effectiveness through personalized dashboards so that one can quickly measure the feedback and determine improvements.

IBM Store Integration Framework:

IBM Store Integration Framework (SIF) is an industry-leading middleware optimized for next-generation, open standards-based store environments, providing a cost-effective solution for rapidly integrating all retail devices and applications. It leverages a seamless set of software products based on open standards, such as JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and services that are pre-integrated, packaged, and configured to provide a store-level implementation of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Retailers can use SIF to connect islands of data and business logic in near real-time to align all channels and even manage store environments from the enterprise. Moreover, the framework is compatible with most retail operating systems, such as the IBM 4690 Operating System, Microsoft® Windows®, and Linux® platforms, including IBM Retail Environment for SUSE Linux. And it provides a foundation for an enterprise-wide SOA.

About AgreeYa Solutions

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