Modern-day businesses leverage SharePoint to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization. AgreeYa's Intranet-in-a-Box delivers a rich set of features to create a modern SharePoint Intranet that integrates deeply across Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online) and SharePoint 2019 on-premises. It is packed with a set of pre-built themes, templates, web parts, and functionalities that can enhance the SharePoint experience and enable digital transformation for businesses while reducing the development costs and accelerating time-to-market.


Icon depicts Corporate Branding
Corporate Branding

Enhance your branding by using pre-built site themes or implementing your branding scheme.

Icon depicts departmental sites
Departmental Sites

Create special sections for specific departments within the organization.

Icon depicts News Publishing
News Publishing

Publish corporate news for employees and filter news that is applicable for specific departments.

Icon depicts Events Hub
Events Hub

Plan, manage and promote all your corporate events and help employees keep track of them.

Icon depicts Collaboration Tools
Collaboration Tools

Drive engagements (with likes, comments, and @mentions) across all content pages within your SharePoint intranet with the powerful Yammer functionality.

Icon depicts Project Management
Project Management

Use SharePoint lists and libraries in place of a project management tool to manage projects.

Icon depicts Organizational Charts
Organizational Charts

Connect with the right people and get to know employees across offices and regions.

Icon depicts search

Use advanced search functionality to quickly locate the right information within the shortest time lapse.

Icon depicts Multilingual

Communicate with users from multiple geographies with multilingual communication features.

Icon depicts Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Measure the performance, track all engagements, and leverage key metrics through a single dashboard with the built-in Power BI tools.

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Why Should You Choose Intranet-in-a-Box for Your Business?

Icon depicts increase in employee productivity
25% increase in employee productivity.
Icon depicts significant reductions in time
64% less time spent by employees finding documents and forms.
Icon depicts Rapid Deployment
Rapid deployment time of under 3 weeks.
Icon shows increase in employee engagement
48% increase in employee engagement and user adoption.
Icon depicting easy to customize
Easy to customize, thereby enabling organizations to scale up and build new features to meet business requirements.
Icon depicting Protecting the Environment
Reduce paper use and meet sustainability goals.
Image of a person working on laptop surrounded with technology
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